Why MLB is better than NBA

Are you a sports fan? You probably can’t wait for the next season of major leagues such as the NBA or MLB.

Though both leagues are famous, MLB stands out due to its social aspect, daily matches, and less predictability.

With all the controversies that exist about these two major leagues, knowing which is better than the other is not easy. Numerous reports show contradicting views regarding which league is better.

The reason why people have different opinions regarding these leagues is that some love basketball while others prefer baseball games.

Knowing how MLB differs from NBA and what makes it more superior can, however, help you keep tabs on the most enjoyable game.

Regardless of the specific game you like, we will give you compelling reasons as to why we think MLB is better than the NBA. Learn more!

What is the difference between MLB and the NBA?

Though the NBA and MLB are popular sports leagues, they involve two very different sports.

The NBA is known to be the premier basketball league in the world. It gathers some of the best basketball players around the globe.

If you are a fan, then you are familiar with famous names such as Curry, LeBron, and Westbrook.

MLB, on the other hand, is part of the country’s identity. This is one of the most competitive leagues that have been in existence for years. It involves baseball games.

When we compare the two, we find that the MLB league is skill-based while the NBA involves a lot of creativity.

In MLB, a winning team in a particular match has to continue playing defense. In NBA, the winning team dribbles the outs of the clock.

The major baseball league is known to organize the hall of fame weekend to honor its great players.

Research shows that MLB contracts are much better compared to the NBA. This means that some of the MLB players end up making more money than some NBA players.

MLB has a total of 162 games scheduled to play each season. You can watch baseball games in about seven months without finding them boring.

Though basketball games also take place in an extended duration, they are not as many as what you get from MLB.

For a long time, the NBA has been associated with the younger generation that has a short attention span. The MLB, on the other hand, was a favorite league for the older generation.

This is, however, changing since people of all ages now prefer following MLB rather than the NBA. People no longer find MLB boring and old-school.

Why do people prefer following MLB over the NBA?

  • Social meaning

Most baseball fans reveal that this is more than a mere sport. Unlike leagues such as the NBA, MLB brings people from all walks of life together. Baseball brings a social element into the game.

Its social appeal makes it better than other leagues, including the NBA. Since the game is played during the warm weather, people are willing to travel and watch the games live.

It, therefore, brings families together as they get a chance to eat, drink, and have fun while supporting different baseball teams.

If this is the kind of experience you are looking for from a league, then MLB will not disappoint.

  • Daily matches

Most of the sports fans also like the way games are played daily in MLB. You end up having so much fun since no day goes by without teams competing against each other.

In MLB, matches are held daily regardless of the season. This is different from following the NBA. The league is known to have a lot of breaks that lead to monotony in some fans.

  • Less predictability

Sometimes, a less predictable game is more enjoyable than one that is easy to foretell. Watching baseball games leave you in suspense; you cannot tell the outcome of a match.

Since every day marks the beginning of a new game, you cannot rely on statistics to predict who will win in a particular game. The NBA, on the other hand, is quite predictable and, therefore, less enjoyable.

What are the problems that the NBA face?

Though the NBA has been on the limelight for a while, MLB seems to be a favorite league to many. The reason for this is due to the problems that the NBA has been facing over the years.

First, the entertainment value of this league has gone down with time. Most people nowadays find the league boring compared to how it was when it was established.

The NBA should do a better job to entice more basketball fans to buy into this sport. Apart from that, player friendship is also another problem that the NBA faces.

Players from different basketball teams seem to spend so much time developing friendships that affect how they play during matches.

Though some level of friendship in the league is healthy, becoming too close with opponents affects the game. It tends to kill the competitive atmosphere that is needed for basketball games.

Another major problem that is affecting the NBA is too many teams and less talent. The rules of becoming part of this league are less strict than in the past.

That is why we now have so many basketball teams that compete against each other. Most of the teams do not, however, have enough talent for the game.


Baseball has always been considered the national pastime. It is mostly played during the summer or mid-spring. Though basketball is highly ranked, the NBA has problems that make it lag.

If you have been wondering whether to follow the major baseball league or NBA, look at the loyal fan base that MLB has and join the millions following it.

Statistics reveal that MLB sells more than 70 million tickets every year. It is better than the NBA since you get to enjoy matches every day, cannot predict the outcome of games, and socialize more.


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