Why baseball is better than football

Though football has been a popular game in the US, baseball is slowly changing this. Baseball is no longer considered a game for old folks.

Many people think that the game is better than football due to its history, timing, minimal injury risk, and more games.

Even though most fans are convinced about baseball being better than football, those who would like to engage in sports find it hard to choose between the two.

It is, however, crucial to understand how baseball differs from football and find out which is better so that you can enjoy playing.

We not only give you compelling reasons as to why baseball is better than football but also share the similarities between the two games. Read on to learn more!

How do the two games compare?

Both football and baseball are famous games around the globe. Though they differ in many ways, the two games have some similarities. For instance, you can play either of the games at any age.

Baseball and football have professional leagues. In baseball, the league is known as Major League Baseball (MLB), while the one for football is called the National Football league (NFL).

Football and baseball have a tournament system that comprises of the best team with the highest record.

In this playoff system, the best teams have to compete against each other until only two teams remain. The remaining two teams then proceed at the championship level.

Both baseball and football are considered team sports. Each player is assigned a particular position and is expected to perform a specific role. The two games also involve throwing a ball to other players.

When we look at their differences, we see that the games have different timings. While baseball is played during spring, football takes place in the fall.

The amount of contact in the two games also distinguishes them. While football includes the use of pads, baseball does not. Pads change how much contact players are allowed to have.

If you focus on the number of players in each game, you will see that this is another distinguishing factor. Football has eleven players, while baseball has only nine players in a team.

How these two games are played is also not the same. In football, you can either kick or throw the ball. Baseball, on the other hand, only allows throwing the ball.

For you to enjoy playing either of these games, you have to follow the strict rules set. In football, a referee ensures that every player adheres to the set rules.

Baseball does not have referees but rather umpires. Referees have to keep on running around the field, issuing penalties to players who don’t stick to the rules.

Umpires remain in one position looking at the movement of the ball. Despite the similarities in the two games, the number of people who choose to follow baseball is more than those who prefer football.

Why do most people prefer baseball over football?

  • No clock

Time is a crucial factor in most of the games. MLB games take around 3 hours, while NFL games go for 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Football games are longer than baseball games because the clock has to stop after every play. Most of the non-action items slow down a football game.

In baseball, the clock does not keep on stopping and starting since this game involves a continuous action.

  • Varying levels

For you to qualify as a professional football player, you must have a certain level of education. Most football players have at least attended college.

This is a bit different from baseball since you can join the game immediately after high school. Baseball offers different opportunities to play.

You can be part of the Dominican, independent or international league. If you want to start pursuing your dream from a tender age, then baseball gives you that chance.

  • Injury risks

Both football and baseball have risks, but playing football can lead to more severe health complications compared to baseball. Some of the baseball players face ligament injuries that need surgery.

You can quickly go back to the game after some time. Football is risky since you may get constant blows to your head, leading to a condition known as CTE.

Players who experience this have to live with brain problems for the rest of their lives. Baseball is, therefore, safer to play compared to football.

  • More games

Though football is entertaining, the regularity of playing the game is less than that of baseball. Teams in this game only play once a week. Baseball players have to play every day throughout the season.

MLB teams have to play more than 160 games while minor baseball leagues play 140 games. In the championship football level, players only play around 20 games.

If you prefer playing, you will find baseball more engaging compared to football.

  • History

Baseball is one of the oldest games that has existed since the 1830s. Some of the oldest baseball stars such as Babe Ruth and Kirk Gibson are still considered legends today.

Though football also has a history, baseball has both a legacy and history.

  • There is no concept of ‘I’ in the team

In football, only a few players are recognized, but in baseball, any player could be the hero of the day. That is why you get to hear of some few star players in football.

Baseball gives every player a chance to shine since there is no ‘I’ in the team.

  • In-person experience

We mentioned earlier that football is played during the cold weather. The experience is not the best due to the cold.

Baseball is, however, played during summer or spring. You would, therefore, have more fun playing or watching baseball when the weather is more conducive.


From the discussion, it is evident that baseball is a better game than football. We cannot eve exhaust the reasons why we think baseball is superior.

Playing or watching baseball is more entertaining, engaging, and safer than football.


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