Who makes more money basketball players or baseball players?

Do you want to be successful in your sports career? It needs a lot of work and determination. Between basketball and baseball, basketball players earn the highest salaries.

This should, therefore, tell you that you can do much better in basketball than in baseball. Making money from either of the games is, however, not easy.

The physical demand for both games may be intense, but the rewards are worth it. With so many views regarding which game pays better, you may be torn between choosing basketball and baseball.

We can, however, make this easy for you by giving accurate figures regarding what basketball and baseball players earn.

We will also give you reasons as to why basketball payers earn more than baseball players. Read on!

How much do basketball players earn?

Being a professional NBA player is more than merely playing in certain scheduled games. For you to get to this level, you have to maintain an intense weight training program.

Rigorous exercise helps professional basketball players achieve the conditions necessary to compete in and perform highly in fast-paced games.

You also have to practice with your team at least every day to boost your skills. Your ball handling and shooting skills should be on point for you to succeed in this game.

Participating in the NBA league takes time, but it can be quite rewarding. This league includes 82 season games and different playoffs rounds of winning teams.

The players who make it to the NBA have to go through an intense travel routine, which is different from the physical training.

At the end of it all, NBA players take home the highest salaries in sports. The pay of such athletes continues to grow with the increase in popularity of the game.

According to reports, the highest-paid NBA players earned $ 5.15 million as of 2011. In 2010, the median salary of NBA players was $ 2.5 million. During this period, the lowest-paid player took home $ 473, 604.

During the 2012-2013 season, Kobe Bryant became the highest-paid NBA player taking home $ 27 million while Dallas Mavericks pocketed $ 20 million.

Apart from the high average salaries that NBA players make, they also earn more cash off the court. This is because such players have a large number of fans both in the US and outside the country.

While star athletes make substantial amounts, minor basketball professional players in less famous leagues earn at least a fraction of what the best NBA players get.

What do professional baseball players get?

Major League Baseball (MLB) is also another popular league in America. Like basketball, this game also implements rigorous training programs to boost the flexibility and strength of players.

Since the MLB seasons include a total of 162 games, the players have to be fit enough for them to last through the season.

Experts reveal that hitting a baseball is not easy. If you want to earn from this game, you have to practice your batting skills so that you can maintain an edge consistently.

Your efforts should pay off eventually. In 2004, MLB revenues increased. This is what led to an increase in player salaries.

Though you may not get the same amount as playing basketball, baseball is still rated as among the highest paying sports in the country.

As of 2011, the highest-paid MLB player earned $ 3.4 million from the game. The salaries continue getting better with time. In 2018, the annual salary was averaged to be $ 4.52 million.

Some of the strongest unions back MLB players in the world. Players, therefore, get guaranteed contracts and become part of a good pension program.

Besides the basic salary, MLB players receive generous bonuses of up to 2 million dollars from time to time.

Since the MLB keeps on getting bigger and better, the salaries of players have also skyrocketed. In 2019, stars such as Mike Trout earned $ 39 million from the game.

Bryce Harper earned $ 36.5 million while David Price took home $ 32 million. Such numbers should encourage you to work hard enough to be a professional player.

Which is a better game between basketball and baseball in regards to the pay?

If we compare the two games, it is clear that basketball is more profitable than baseball. The difference in the salaries is caused by various factors such as the league structure and salary caps.

Basketball has fewer players compared to baseball. Since few players should play in basketball, they end up earning more than what baseball players do.

A single basketball player is also believed to have a more significant impact on the team compared to a baseball player.

The average duration of each game also causes a difference in the pay. While basketball games last for at least 2 hours, baseball games can go for more than 3 hours.

Being successful in basketball is easier than in baseball. It takes time for baseball players to make good money.

The ability of NBA players to make extra cash off the court also makes it more profitable than MLB. The NBA also has a lot of charismatic stars that are well known than MLB players.

If you are therefore focusing on earning good pay, basketball should be your choice. Reports suggest that in a few years, basketball will dominate the sports industry and surpass every other sport.


Unlike in the past, we now see a tremendous change in the salaries of professional players. As basketball and baseball leagues continue becoming famous, professional players now earn millions.

Between the two games, basketball players cash in more money compared to baseball players. The game also has better endorsement deals that increase the amount that such players make.

Though it may take a lot of effort and time, you can still succeed in either of these games as long as you give your all.

Apart from playing for the money, you should always ensure that you are having fun while at it.


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