What does -10 mean on a softball bat?

Technology has changed the way softball bats used to be made in the past. These days, you have to be keen on numbers such as -10 when buying a bat. This represents the drop weight of a softball bat.

Purchasing a new softball bat is often overwhelming for most people. Some get confused about the different numbers used in these bats.

Though finding the right answers as a newbie is not easy, we are here to make your work easier. Whether you need a softball bat for yourself or a kid, we can help you out.

Before we elaborate more on the drop weight of a softball bat, here are more insights that can help you buy the right bat.

How can you find the right size of a softball bat?

Before you start searching for a softball bat, it is crucial to take the necessary measurements so that you choose the perfect one. People often measure the length of a baseball bat in different ways.

You need to calculate the size of your bat as you take into account your body structure. Always go for a softball bat that gives you a comfortable swing.

Stand upright as you stretch your arms sideways then take measurements from the center of your chest to the index finger.

When you put the softball bat on your side, your palm should be able to reach its handle effortlessly. This shows that the bat you want to buy is of the right size.

Ensure you follow the bat size charts available for you to get the correct size. Once you have taken the necessary measurements, the chart can tell you the right bat length to look for.

When shopping for a softball bat for a young one, the measuring process is not the same. The bat should reach their hip and not exceed this area. If it goes above the hip, it may be too long for the child.

As you choose a softball bat for your child, you should never overlook its weight. The weight of a bat determines how easy or hard it is to swing.

If your kid is under 60 pounds, they should be able to swing a softball bat that is 29 inches long.

If they are less than 3′, you can choose a 26-in softball bat then continue increasing the bat size by 1 inch as they keep on growing.

What does figure -10 represent in a softball bat?

As we mentioned before, this represents the drop weight of a softball bat. The drop weight is the difference between the weight and length of a bat.

For instance, a softball that is 30 inches long and weighs 20 ounces has a drop weight of -10. This number is quite significant since it can help you determine how heavy or light a softball bat can be.

A softball bat with a bigger drop weight should be lighter than one with a smaller drop weight.

As you look at different softball bats, you should work on finding a balance between weight and length since this has a great impact when it comes to swinging.

Some strong players tend to prefer heavier softball bats, but this is not mandatory. Just ensure that you choose a bat that enables you to generate high speed in the shortest time possible.

Though finding the balance between these two factors is not easy, paying close attention to the drop weight of a softball bat can help you hit the ball harder and farther.

When you are choosing a softball bat for your child, you should also consider their height. If your kid is tall, you should choose a long bat.

Do not, however, assume that they can swing a heavier bat just because of their height. Ensure you choose a softball bat that has an excellent drop weight.

A long and light softball bat may swing fast, but it does not have great inertia behind it. If you choose a short and heavy bat, you may not enjoy fast speed but get plenty of inertia.

Choosing the perfect length and weight of your softball bat is a personal decision. As you pay attention to the measurements, do not forget to consider the type of player you want to become.

If you wish to be a contact player, then a long light bat would be ideal. A power hitter must focus on getting plenty of inertia from a short and heavy bat.

Most leagues have specific rules regarding the bat sizes players should use. These guidelines are set to make the game more competitive and boost safety.

You should, therefore, know the safety standards and rules set as you look at different bats. Take note that ASA bats are not accepted on USSSA play.

What materials are used in making softball bats?

Apart from the size of a bat, you should also understand the materials behind each model. The standard softball bats are made using alloy, composite, or hybrid. Wood is specifically used for tournament bats.

If you want to control the weight distribution of your softball bat, you can choose a composite bat. This causes less vibration on your hand and offers a larger sweet spot.

You, however, have to pay more for a composite bat since it comes with a higher price tag compared to alloy bats. The manufacturing process of composite bats is quite complicated.

For years, players have been using alloy bats since they don’t need a break-in time. Instead of getting damaged, alloy bats tend to dent. You can, therefore, use it even if it is not in perfect condition.

The problem with alloy bats is that they have less pop. Some softball bat manufacturers combine alloy materials with a composite handle to produce hybrid bats.


From the above, you can see that buying a softball bat does not have to be complicated as long as you understand the crucial aspects. One of them is the drop weight, such as -10.

This number indicates the difference between the weight and length of a softball bat. A softball bat that has the -10 ratio is bound to produce high speed since it is lightweight.

Get a softball bat with such a drop weight and boost your game performance.


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