NIKE Vapor Elite Baseball Cleats review

If you’re on the search for a new baseball cleat, the Nike Vapor Elite Men’s Cleat is a great choice for you. In this article, we are going to review this cleat and see why it’s such a favorite among baseball athletes.

The Nike Vapor Elite Men’s Cleat is one of the best baseball shoes you can find on the market today. It is uniquely designed and resembles a soccer cleat. In fact, some users have said that it can be used for soccer and other field sports. We all know that Nike make the best quality products and the Vapor Elite is no exception. It is made from the best materials all round from the body to the cleats and laces.

The body of the Vapor Elite is made from mesh material. This was not done by chance as mesh materials are used to provide cool air for your feet as you play. The constant air circulation ensures the feet stay fresh and cool to improve the athlete’s performance.

The most outstanding feature about this shoe however, is its incredible light weight. This is the reason it is referred to as ‘vapor’. It is designed for light and precise movements.

What to expect from the Nike Vapor Elite Men’s Cleat

Seeing this cleat for the first time, it can be easily confused with a soccer cleat. It has the shape of a soccer cleat and the only differentiating feature is the type and arrangement of the cleats. The Vapor Elite features eight studs in total. Six of these studs are metallic while two are TPU studs located at the front part of the shoe. These two extra studs improve the athlete’s movements and increase their balance significantly. The mix of different stud materials is known as hybrid traction pattern. The patterns provides superb traction.

The Nike Vapor Elite has traction swirls imbibed onto the plate and wings on the sides to provide a lot of support during sports movements.

As much as this cleat is a sports shoe, it does not compromise on its looks. With amazing computer generated design patterns and a huge Nike logo running from the front to the midsection, the shoe looks incredible. It utilizes an asymmetrical tongue. An asymmetrical tongue is a common feature in sports shoes, especially soccer shoes, where the tongue of the shoe is placed more on one side. This works to improve lateral support and reduce risks of strains and ankle twists.

Key Features

The Nike Vapor Elite Men’s Cleat is available in five main colors: black/orange, blue/white, blue/navy, and a pure white color ombined with extra black and white finishes. This makes it more stylish, fashionable. The diverse colors also offer versatility to go with any of your sports outfits.

This cleat also comes in a variety of sizes to feet of all sizes. The sizes are indicated both in UK and US formats since they are imported all over the world.

The Nike Vapor Elite for Men is well cushioned by the full length EVA midsole design that distributes pressure equally along the foot. Its mesh design ensure both the shoe and the feet are kept fresh for longer. This mesh material is made from strong fibers that improves its durability and makes it able to survive any extreme playing conditions. The sole is a mix of rubber and tough plastic that gives it a clean and fancy fiber look.

Attached to the sole are the metallic studs. The six metallic studs have a nice gold finish with the Nike ‘tick’ logo imbibed. This gives it a very clean cut regal look.

Contrary to what many people may think of Nike, the Vapor Elite looks is fairly priced. Depending on the size, the price varies between $40 and $170 on Amazon. Other than these, the show boasts more features as listed below:

Mesh-like body material

The body of this shoe is made from mesh-like fibers and this is not by chance. The mesh fiber serves to increase air circulation in the shoe. This is in turn keeps the athlete feeling cool at all times. This feature also serves to improve durability of the shoe. Keeping the shoe fresh means that it will require less washes. Since too much washing kills durability, a few washes means it will last longer.

Computer generated stitching pattern

There is no doubt that this is one gorgeous show. What makes it uniquely pretty is the computer generated stitching patterns and designs. These patterns however do not only serve to make the shoe pretty. The patterns on the middle and heel of the shoe aim to optimize containment

Traction Swirls

The swirls are located on the sides of the shoe and molded into the plate and traction wings. This engages with the ground and provides support during intense movements.

Beautiful design

At first glance, it may look like a fancy soccer shoe until you see the design of the cleats. With lovely stitched patterns and an asymmetrical tongue, this shoe is one of the nicest looking baseball shoes in the market.

Extreme comfort

The Nike Vapor Elite Cleats for Men is one comfortable baseball cleat. It is fitted with a thick removable insole that equally distributes weight for maximum comfort and stability. The insole also provides a level ground for the foot preventing strains and ankle injuries. The shoe has adjustable high quality shoe laces that allow the athlete to tighten or loosen the grip. The two extra TDU studs are ergonomically positioned to provide balance hence improving comfort. The body material is tough but stretchable as well for people with wide feet. This material also ensures that the shoe does not lose its shape over time.

  • At less than $100, the Nike Vapor Elite provides great value for money
  • It comes in five unique colors
  • The metallic studs are short for comfort and stability
  • It has two extra TDU studs at the front for stability and improved balance
  • The mesh material used to make the upper part of the shoe ensures air circulation and cooling for the feet.
  • The mesh material means it is quick to dry after washing
  • Wearing this shoe for extended periods of time may cause a strain due to the compactness and grip it offers

Final Verdict

The Nike Vapor Elite is a great baseball cleat for any male athlete out there. Not only is it fairly priced but the design quality is also top notch. There’s great value for money when you purchase this shoe.

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