New Balance 4040V3 review

Are you looking for a high quality baseball shoe? If so, this New Balance 4040V3 review will provide helpful insight on why the New Balance brand offers great value for money.

New Balance Company has been making high quality sport shoes and cleats for many years now. The company has existed for a long time and their mission has been simple: to focus on research and development of sport shoes to create the best possible shoe for customers. They have been creating designs based on comfortability rather than stylishness and because of this, they have some of the most comfortable sports shoes in the market. New Level shoes are designed to help the athlete achieve their very best. According to their website, this has been their mission and the reason why they do not do celebrity endorsements. They spend that money, rather, on research and development of their shoes.

If you’re looking for sports cleats or looking to replace old ones, this shoe will likely be the perfect one for you. They are extremely comfortable and well-fitting for respective shoe sizes.

What to expect from the New Balance 4040V3

The New balance 4040V3 is a high quality men’s cleat baseball shoe equipped with all the nice features a sports cleat shoe should have. It is 100% synthetic shoe with a tough rubber sole that can lasts for many years. Like all other sports shoes, it is laced to ensure perfect fitting for the athlete. Its full length REVlite RC midsole design ensures the foot stays level at all times for maximum comfort. The New Balance 4040V3 has a unique shape. Its upper part is long to cover the ankle and ensure it perfectly grips the foot. Because of this, it is larger than most of other baseball cleats. This makes them the perfect fit for people with wide feet, or generally huge feet. It is also important to note that the shoe is made of metallic cleats and not rubber like other baseball cleats. The cleats look amazing with their nice golden finishes and the company branded logo. This was done to make them as professional as possible and ensuring superior grip.

As is everything in games get better from the batters, pitchers and to the bats, it is important that the shoes also get better. And with the New Balance 4040V3 cleat, everything gets better.


The New Balance 4040V3 is available in a variety of colors: black, grey, red, and blue all mixed with extra black and white touches. This is done to make them stylish and go with any of your outfits. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate everyone. The sizes are indicated both in UK and US format for easy picking and worldwide use. The shoe is easy to wear, comfortable, and durable. It is made from 100% synthetic material. The sole is made from tough rubber to ensure maximum durability.

The sole also has baseball specific cleats with metallic studs on each cleat tip to improve grip while running. Its outsole design is designed for baseball while the midsole is designed in full length for maximum effort. On top of all these, the shoe also has great additional features as listed below.

Superb quality

The different materials used to make different parts of this shoe are all made from high quality materials. The upper body for instance is made from 100% synthetic material – this material is a mix of leather and nylon to ensure super comfort and durability. The sole is made of very tough rubber that is give years of service to the athlete. Underneath the sole, the cleats are made from metal with nice golden finishes that make it look stylish and fancy. They look nice and feel even better to the touch. Its quality is undoubtedly its best feature.

Stylish design

This shoe extends to cover most part of the ankle and this was not done by chance. At first glance, it may even appear to be a fancy basketball shoe until you see the cleats. With the upper extension coupled with the golden finishes on the cleats, this shoe is one of the nicest looking baseball shoes in the market.

Metallic cleats

Most baseball shoes with metallic cleats are considered to be on the higher end. However, this shoe comes with metallic cleats at an affordable price of $100. The cleats are coated with a golden finish that makes them look quite fancy. The cleats are also short to ensure maximum comfort on and off the pitch. Metallic cleats also ensure superior grip and improve balance significantly.


The New Balance 4040V3 is available in a variety of colors: black, grey, red, and blue all mixed with extra black and white touches. They also offer special edition colors like pink and purple at an extra charge.

Super comfort

The New Balance 4040V3 is one of the most comfortable baseball cleat in the market. It grips the foot perfectly and provides great support. The shoe has adjustable high quality shoe laces allow the user tighten or loosen the grip. The cleats are also short so that the shoe does not rise too high and strain the ankles and knees. The insole is also appropriately thick and soft to keep the feet level and comfortable all the time. The body material is tough but stretchable as well for people with wide feet. This material also ensures that the shoe does not lose its shape over time.

Value for money

With the amazing features this shoe has to offer, its price tag is quite fair. The price ranges between $40 and $120 depending on the size and the edition. The New Balance 4040V3 will last years and offer super comfort on and off the pitch.

  • The New Balance 4040V3 is made from high quality 100% synthetic material
  • It is affordable and offers great value for money
  • It comes in very many colors
  • The cleats are made from metal to maximize grip
  • The metallic cleats are short to provide comfort and stability
  • The high quality laces are easy to fit and don’t wear off over time
  • The shoe has a ‘toe protect’ feature that is basically tough rubber placed at the tip of the shoe to ensure the toes are safe when you’re stepped on
  • The shoes take a long time to dry after washing

Final Verdict

The New Balance is a great baseball shoe for any male athlete out there. As much as it is a baseball shoe, it can be used in many other field sports. As everything in sports gets better, from the batters, pitchers to the bats, it is important that the shoes also get better. And with the New Balance 4040V3 cleat, everything is better.

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