Metal vs. molded baseball cleats

Are you in search of baseball cleats but are wondering if you should choose metal or molded ones? You are not alone. This confusion happens to a lot of baseball players.

Understanding how these two differ can help you make the right decision. While metal cleats offer excellent traction, molded cleats are more versatile.

Finding the right type of baseball cleats is, however, hard since every supplier claims to sell the best. Since you don’t want to regret your decision, buying the right cleats should be a priority.

We can help you out by discussing the differences between metal ad molded baseball cleats. Before we proceed with that, here are some basics you should understand. Read on!

What are baseball cleats?

Baseball is one of the major games in the US that is played on different surfaces. Some people prefer playing it on the grass while others choose dirt.

Regardless of the surface, you need the right type of shoe that can offer ample support as you change directions during fielding and running. This led to the development of baseball cleats.

For years now, baseball cleats have been enhancing traction. These improve the performance of a player and prevent them from slipping as you move around the field.

Baseball cleats that are now being created are more durable and designed for specific positions. You can find the ideal types of cleats that meet your particular needs.

Some of them perform better than others based on a player’s skills. As you look forward to buying baseball cleats, you should understand their purpose.

These should be used during the main game as well as practice to give you ample protection and prevent you from injuries.

Every organization has some rules regarding the types of baseball cleats that players should use. For you to choose the right baseball cleats, you should, therefore, know what your league accepts.

Different shoe brands such as Nike and Adidas are responsible for producing high-quality baseball cleats. They ensure that every model has some unique features to suit the styles of different players.

Baseball cleats, therefore, come in different forms that you should know about. We will focus on two types of baseball cleats, namely molded and metal.

What is the difference between metal and molded baseball cleats?

We can distinguish these two types of baseball cleats by focusing on the following aspects.

  • Material

Molded baseball cleats are often made using plastic. They contain rubber studs that offer protection while running the bases.

They are common among youth baseball players. The price of molded cleats depends on the specific material used to make them.

While high priced molded cleats are designed with a stiff rubberized plastic material, the cheap molded cleats are made from conventional rubber. These are made for young players who soon outgrow them.

The hard plastic material used to make molded cleats does not add too much weight to your baseball shoes. For this reason, most people report than molded cleats are lighter than metal ones.

They are also comfortable since the cleats are distributed well on the foot’s pressure point.

Metal cleats, on the other hand, come with high-quality studs. Some of the baseball shoes also include caps for the metal cleats. This is different from molded cleats, which has plastic or rubber studs.

  • Traction

When it comes to traction, metal cleats perform better than molded cleats. Since metal cleats are sharp and thin, they can easily dig up mud or grass. Their strong studs also enhance traction.

Molded cleats, on the other hand, do not have very sharp studs and thus cannot provide the same level of traction as their counterparts.

  • Safety

As you look for baseball cleats, you should always have safety in mind. Metal and molded baseball cleats do not provide the same level of safety.

Most of the leagues do not allow players to use metal cleats since they increase the risk of injury. Molded baseball cleats are believed to be safer and are therefore accepted in most leagues.

  • Durability

Buying baseball shoes every few months can be quite expensive. You can, however, avoid this by focusing on the longevity of cleats.

Metal cleats tend to last longer compared to molded cleats. If you are, however, buying baseball cleats for your teenage son, you can choose molded cleats since their feet are still growing.

  • Using cleats outside the field

Some people tend to use baseball cleats outside the field. If you have such intentions, avoid choosing metal cleats. These are only ideal when used in the field.

They tend to make noise that can be annoying to some people and are also cumbersome. You can, however, use molded cleats both in and out of the field.

  • Cost

The price of baseball cleats also depends on the specific type you choose. If you are a professional player, you should consider investing in metal cleats. These are quite expensive, but worth it.

The cheapest metal cleats go for $ 150. Molded cleats, on the other hand, are budget-friendly, costing as low as $ 40.

What other option do you have when it comes to baseball cleats?

If you are still confused about the right type of baseball cleats to choose from, you can buy interchangeable cleats. These feature adjustable studs giving you more options.

With such a shoe, you can either use molded or metal cleats as you please. The studs on the shoe come with some screws that allow you to change cleats according to your preference.

You should, however, know that interchangeable cleats are more expensive compared to both molded and metal cleats.


Choosing baseball cleats may be a personal decision, but you have to consider a lot of factors. Look at your age and the league you engage in so that you choose the right cleats.

Metal and molded cleats are different in terms of their cost, traction level, durability, safety.

You should, therefore, look at the different features of these baseball cleats so that you assess if one type can help you meet your needs. All the best!


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