Marucci CAT 6 vs CAT 7

As the two most popular Marucci youth bats, the Marucci Cat 6 and Marucci Cat 7 are largely compared in the baseball community. Both can be considered the best bat releases this year. In this article, we are going to compare these two bats and decide once and for all which the better of the two is.

The Marucci brand has been making youth bats for many decades now. They release new baseball bats after every two years while making small annual changes to their previous bats. Marucci is known for its sleek designs and single piece constriction alloy for maximum durability and pop.

Both these bats are youth bats to be used by young uprising baseball talents. Kids between 8 and 13 years old are ones targeted by these two bats. This is why the bats come in different versions of pop from a pop 10 version to a pop 3 version. The pop 3 and 5 versions were released for senior players with a bit more experience in the game.

The major difference between the CAT 6 and 7 is that the older version tends to improve on the downsides of the newer. The CAT 6 is an improvement from CAT 5 and the CAT 7 improves on the mistakes of the CAT 6.

Marucci CAT 6

The Marucci cat 6 is one of the best youth bats released by Marucci. Just from the look, you can see that a lot of creativity went into making this bat the best there is for the young players. As a youth bat, it uses the common one piece alloy construction for the handle. This is done to make it light for the young athletes and to provide maximum pop. Pop is the length to width ratio.

t should always be kept at a high for youth bats to make them light and quick. It should be noted that for youth bats, there is more emphasis on the lightness and quickness of a bat rather than strength and power. This is why senior bats have low drop of about 3 or 5, this means they are heavier and more powerful. As a youth player grows, they slowly transition from a drop 11 and build up slowly to a bat with drop 3.

In order to fully understand how the quality of baseball bats is measured, there are a few factors to look at. They include: durability, pop, comfortability, barrel size and vibration control.


The Marucci cat 6 has been made to last several years without any cracks and breakages. Its one-piece alloy construction design goes into making it lighter and more durable. The tough aluminum alloy ensures that the barrel is stiff and stung to prevent cracks, dents and breakages. There is no standard set amount of years that it can last.


Pop is simply the length to width ratio of the bat. This property directly affects how light the bat is. For a youth bat such as the CAT 6 the pop value has to be high. The Youth CAT 6 has a pop of -10 to keep it as light and as fast as possible for youth players.

Vibration Control

Baseball bat makers have been trying to create a bat with zero vibration stings. Although this is almost impossible, some bats have come pretty close to eliminating these stings. The CAT 6 is one of these bats. It uses a patented anti-vibration knob at the bottom of the handle that absorbs much of the vibration sting when the ball is mishit.

Barrel Size

The CAT 6 has the standard 2 5/8 inch diameter barrel. This barrel, unlike in other brands, does not utilize ring technology. Ring technology is used to minimize the sting of mishit balls. Marucci opted not to include this feature since they already have the anti-vibration knob. By using the ring-free barrel technology, the weight of the bat is kept low for better comfort and better swings.

There isn’t much improvement from the CAT 5 except for the increased sweet spot contact. This gives the young players enough room to work with and practice their aim and swinging technique. If you loved the cat 5, then you’ll love this even more.

Marucci CAT 7

The 2019 Marucci CAT 7 was released in January 2019 after much anticipation from its predecessor released in 2017. It is, without argument, one of the best youth bats in the market. The CAT 7 is considered an upgrade from the CAT 6, and if you loved the CAT 6, then you’ll definitely love the CAT 7.

There are different sizes to this bat. A drop 8 and drop 5 version were released. For this article, we are going to consider the drop 8 version. It is for slightly older and more advanced young players who are transitioning into better hitters.

Like the CAT 6, it is made from aluminum alloy, specifically Az4X alloy. This material increases the strength of the bat and provides better responsiveness. What makes the Marucci CAT 7 unique however is the large sweet spot it has. Even by looking at it, you will realize that they have increased the sweet spot considerably compared to other versions of the CAT series.

Vibration Control

The CAT 7 has an anti-vibration knob at the base of the handle. The knob significantly reduces stings and the common ‘numb thumb’ effect. This second generation knob is more effective than its earlier predecessors and takes up to 75% of the sting, which is quite a lot.

Optimized Barrel Design

Like we said earlier, the CAT 7’s barrel design has a very large sweet spot. In fact, it is double the size of the CAT 6’s sweet spot. Because of this, it is more responsive and provides a nice clean strike. The barrel is also very thick to improve balance and allow quicker swings.


The CAT 7 is made from AZ4X alloy which is a very tough material. The handle is made from a mix of the AZ4X and carbon to reduce its weight while still providing strength. Because of this, the cat 7 is durable and rarely gets any dents or cracks. Other than a few color chippings and scratches, it can withstand years and years of use.


Both these bats are great for young and learning baseball players. With almost similar prices, the 2019 CAT 6 and CAT 7 provide a great learning curve for the young athlete. If you’re a big hitter however, we recommend the CAT 7 as it offers much more power, accuracy and speed. For amateur players, the CAT 6 will do just fine.

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