How many teams make MLB playoffs?

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The MLB is made up of 10 teams from two leagues. Each league produces at least five playoff teams.

Understanding the organizational structure of MLB is not easy if you are just a beginner. It is, however, crucial that you know everything about baseball and the major league if you are interested in the game.

We can help you out by sharing all the details you should have regarding MLB playoffs. Before we dive into that, let us start with some basics.

What should you know about Major League Baseball?

If you like baseball, then you probably look forward to October, which marks the beginning of the MLB season. You can support your favorite team during the team by placing bets.

You need to understand how the game works and be familiar with the players for you to make the most out of season.

As we mentioned earlier, MLB is a combination of two leagues and has a total of 30 teams. It includes a total of 162 games played throughout the season.

Baseball is known to be the only sport that does not include the timing element. This implies that every team has an equal chance to score.

This game has four seasons, and every one of them is crucial. The first season is spring training. It is the duration where the potential of different baseball teams is evaluated.

The regular season is the longest since it takes a couple of months. After this, there is the postseason, which involves a lot of pitching. Hot stove season is the last one since it comes after the World Series.

How many teams make up MLB playoffs?

The MLB playoffs mark the end of the regular season. This is an exciting time for baseball fans as different teams go head-on competing to making it through the various rounds.

MLB playoffs consist of 10 teams from both the National and American leagues. Once every team plays one of its 162 games, the division leaders are then placed in the playoffs.

The playoffs for every league is made up of the best of the league championship series, division of series and wild card teams.

This is a single-elimination game where the winning team proceeds while the loser gets eliminated. The winners of every division get awarded the top 3 seed in every league.

The MLB playoffs consist of four rounds that will be discussed below. The winning teams in the league championship series have to compete against each other in the World Series.

MLB playoffs have existed since 1903. During this period, Boston Americans were declared the winner of the title.

The split between the American League and the National League led to the introduction of the NLCS and ALCS.

As soon as the leagues incorporated a six-division alignment, it led to the creation of another playoffs round. This was referred to as the Division series.

What are the rounds of MLB playoffs?

  • Wild cards

1994 marks the year when the wild card rule was introduced. During this period, the MLB expanded the National and American leagues from 2 to 3 divisions each.

In each league, the wild card team that had the best record but did not win its division was included in the playoffs.

At the start of 2012, the major league added a second wild card team. Since then, the two wild card teams have been competing against each other at the end of the regular season.

The team that emerges the winner from this competition proceeds to the division series.

If two teams tie at the end of the regular season, a one-game playoff is held to determine which team will move to the next stage.

Sometimes, teams tie for a division. Records are therefore considered to determine which team is better. The team that wins the season series is declared the division champion.

  • Division Series (NLDS and ALDS)

This represents the best of five series. The team that has the best record overall manages to get the top seed. It also gets the home-field advantage.

It is therefore allowed to host some of the games during the Division Series round. The remaining divisional champions have to compete against each other.

The team that wins in this matchup gets the home-field advantage. From both matchups, there are two winning teams that advance to the league championship series.

  • League championship series (NLCS and ALCS)

The winning teams in the division series advance to this round. After they compete against each other, the team that displays the best record gets the home-field advantage.

If the wild card team has a higher record than the division champion team, the home-field advantage, in this case, goes to the division champion. It gets to host games 1, 6, 7, and 2.

  • The World Series

The winners of the league championship series get to advance to this final round, known as the World Series. This represents the best of the seven-game playoff.

Rules surrounding the home field advantage keep on changing every few years. In the past, it used to go to the league, which won the All-Star game.

As of 2017, this changed since the home field advantage now goes to the team that has the highest record for the regular season.

The first team that manages to win at least four games in the World Series is declared the Major league champion.


MLB releases the postseason schedule early enough so that you can make plans to start watching baseball teams as they compete against each other.

If you are a fan of this game, you must understand how MLB playoffs work for you to enjoy following the major league.

For starters, MLB playoffs are made up of ten teams with five from the National League and five from the American league.


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