Easton Ghost X Hyperlite Youth Baseball Bat review

If you’re a young baseball player, you have probably stumbled upon this amazing youth bat. In this article we are going to review the Easton Ghost X Youth Hyperlite Bat.

The 2019 Easton Ghost Hyperlite X is one of the latest bats released by Easton. It is also one of the most unique bats Easton has released. Its single piece construction design gives it a stiff feel while still keeping its light weight and comfort of a fully composite USA youth bat. This bat is made from carbon composite to make it light and tough at the same time. Because of the lightweight design, the player is able to maximize on their flexibility, response time and durability. With a large barrel of a diameter 2 5/8 inches, it provides the perfect sweet spot when hitting the ball.

The 2019 Easton Ghost X has one great composite handle. It is cushioned in soft rubber that is about 2.2mm thick that distributes weight equally from the handle to the barrel. But what stands out the most about the Ghost X is its light weight. When making a bat, the length to weight ratio of the bat known as drop, matters. Drop should be kept low, in the negatives. The lower the drop the better and more ergonomic the bat is. The Ghost X has a drop of -11 which is one of its best elements.

The Easton Ghost X is a great bat for younger athletes that need more developing before moving up to a -10 drop bat. The following are some of the elements that make this bat one of the best bats in USA for young upcoming athletes.

What to expect from the Easton Ghost Hyperlite


Pop is the property of how easy it is to swing a bat. Being fully composite with a drop of -11, the Easton Ghost X provides a nice pop. The bat was tested by volunteers and they were satisfied with the levels of pop the bat has. One said, the new Ghost X Hyperlite was easier to swing that the other Ghost X and my balls went just as far. It was very fun and easy to swing.’ This makes it a great bat for young beginning players.

Vibration control

Vibration control is how much the bat handle vibrates in the hand when you hit the ball. The Easton Ghost X does not score highly here. Because of its single piece construction, the vibration stings are felt quite a bit. Other Ghost X variations such as the Easton Ghost X Evolution have a two piece design that make the vibrations barely sting. 15% of volunteer testers said that they felt a vibration sting.

Grip and Comfort

The Ghost X has a quite a nice grip. With a -11 drop length to weight ratio, the bat is easy to swing as it is to hold. The soft rubber 2.2mm thick cushion also provides traction between the handle and hand. This gives more speed and balance to the young hitter which means more power is generated. It is quite a major improvement from a -12 drop bat.

Key Features

The new 2019 Ghost X Bat features a lot of new design and tech aspects like its fellow counterparts. It is considered one of the best valued youth bats in USA and is currently available for purchase on Amazon and other online shoe shops. This bat uses the common single piece construction design made up of Axe’s metal alloy. Its single piece construction design on the handle is meant to make it lighter. The only problem with this is that it compromises on vibration control and vibration stings. The cushion is too thin meaning that when the athlete strikes the ball hard or mishits it, the player will feel a vibration sting or what is known as the numb thumb effect.

This aluminum material has a barrel of diameter 2 5/8 inches which is the standard size for youth bats. This huge barrel has a unique redesigned hitting spot that is now enlarged and increases the contact are to up to an angle of 270 degrees.

The following are the key features of the 2019 Ghost X Youth Bat.

Maximum pop

Pop is how easy it is to swing a bat. Being fully composite with a drop of -10, the Ghost X Baseball bat provides amazing pop. The bat was tested and the volunteers were satisfied with the levels of pop the bat has.

Large Barrel

By now, we know the Ghost X bat has a large 2 5/8 barrel. The barrel has a new design that helps the player hit the sweet spot easily by increasing the area of contact. This design tweak is a 270 degree angle area of contact. It is a great feature in a youth bat because it greatly improves the performance of the young players.

Great grip and comfort

This is where the Ghost X bat excels and stands out. The bat is created to be comfortable and lightweight and offers a nice well-balanced and quick swing for the hitter. After being tested by youth volunteers, it was given the highest ratings for a nice and quick swing. This means that it offers a great hitting experience for learner hitters to catch fastballs better. Ghost X intended this bat for young players (about eight years old) interested in learning baseball. This is why they put so much attention into making it light and quick.

Composite end cap

The end cap of this bat is made from composite HyperWhip material. This is done to eliminate the unnecessary weight from the tip for a fast swing, a bigger barrel and a larger area of contact for the sweet hitting spot

Patented handle

The Ghost X handle is patented in a single piece construction design to make it light. This enables maximum bat speed and provides better barrel control for the best swing possible

Conforms to USA bat standards

The Ghost X Youth bat is approved for use in the USA including all the little leagues.

  • The large barrel provides maximum pop
  • The grip handle is comfortable due to the its patented nature
  • It is light for maximum swing speed
  • It is durable and still looks clean and new after 300 contact strikes
  • Its new 270 degree contact angle has increased the area of contact of the ball and bat. This means that the player’s performance is kept at a maximum
  • Due to the single piece construction design, vibration stings are felt

Final Verdict

In summary, this youth bat is one of the best in the market. The Easton Ghost X is for younger players and can both be found on Amazon at $340.

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