Does baseball have cheerleaders?

Most people tend to assume that entertaining sports must have cheerleaders. Games such as baseball defy such notions since it is still thrilling even without cheerleaders.

Though American baseball does not include cheerleaders, some other regions such as Korea, Mexico, and Japan include cheerleaders in their baseball games.

This can make you question the relevance of cheerleading in baseball. According to most people’s views, baseball does not need cheerleading. Countries that, however, embrace this have a differing opinion.

You should, however, strive to find the right answers so that you don’t judge the game to be boring before understanding all the facts.

That is why we decided to share facts regarding cheerleading in relation to baseball. Find out more!

What is cheerleading?

In most games, a group of gorgeous looking ladies is organized to cheer the team and encourage it. Cheerleading activities differ depending on the specific game.

In some sports, it involves intense physical activity while in others, it involves chanting slogans. Apart from motivating players, cheerleading also entertains the audience.

Cheerleading includes different components of dance, tumbling, and stunting. This activity originated from the US and now has more than 1.5 million participants.

Though most of the games include cheerleading, this does not apply to some of the sports such as baseball, gymnastics, water polo, softball, and swimming.

The reason why such sports do not include cheerleading is that they are individualistic. Though cheerleading makes a game more engaging, it poses some risks to both the participants and players.

If you are a sports fan, then you probably have heard cases of ladies who got injuries from performing intense gymnastics during cheerleading.

Even though Americans started this activity, they did not find it necessary for games such as baseball. Find out why!

Why doesn’t American baseball have cheerleaders?

  • The nature of the game

Unlike in most of the sports, the defense controls the baseball. This means that the objective of the game is to prevent the other team from scoring.

In this game, the inability of a team to move forward towards scoring does not necessarily translate to failure. Also, most attempts at swinging do not lead to a hit.

If cheerleaders keep on chanting for a hit from every swing, there is a high likelihood of getting disappointed quickly. It, therefore, beats the purpose of cheerleading in the game.

Unlike most sports, baseball should be played in a quiet environment that has minimal interruptions.

Adding cheerleaders in this game can lead to a lot of distraction, increasing the chances of injuries and faults in the game.

If you are a batter, the cheerleaders can distract you and make you send the ball in the wrong direction.

Though this game consists of a team, its performance is individualistic. Every player is expected to perform a particular function. For example, as a pitcher, your role is to throw the ball.

While outfielders are expected to catch fly balls, infielders catch ground balls. Cheerleading can add unnecessary pressure to individual players, making it hard for you to perform as expected.

The games also take a lot of time. It can stretch for at least three hours. Including cheerleaders in baseball can lead to fatigue for both fans and the squad. Keeping people excited for hours is not easy.

  • The nature of cheerleading

This is a separate form of entertainment from the main baseball game. Mostly, there is no correlation between the two.

Due to the changes in the nature of this activity, sometimes, cheerleading tends to outshine the primary sport. These days, ladies perform creative gymnastics routines during cheerleading.

Sometimes, it distracts fans and drifts their attention from the main game. Some people consider cheerleading as a platform for showcasing attractive women who enjoy the game on behalf of fans.

For one to be part of the cheer team, they have to be physically fit, beautiful, and famous among fans. People, therefore, end up focusing more on the girls that the baseball sport.

  • Fans reasons

One of the roles of cheerleaders in most games is to guide fans and show them when to cheer. Cheering in baseball does not need the guidance of cheerleaders since the game is different from others.

Unlike in most games, baseball does not have definite opportunities for cheering. Such opportunities tend to come up momentarily.

Most baseball fans know when they should cheer their teams. In this game, cheerleaders may not boost the experience of enjoying it.

Baseball fans get entertained through music and announcements made in between innings. Baseball diehards reveal that cheerleaders cannot do anything more to make the game more engaging.

  • The complexity of the sport

Compared to other games like basketball or football, baseball uses a different approach. In such games, the cheerleaders motivate the players so that they can boost their level of play.

The rhythm of play is different when it comes to baseball games. As a player, you need precision and a lot of focus during the game.

Base coaches have to motivate players and help them throughout the game. Since coaches know the ins and outs of the game, they can give their players better encouragement than cheerleaders.

Where can you find baseball cheerleaders?

Adding cheerleaders in baseball games is a recent development that we are now seeing in some countries.

Some of the league baseball teams in the Dominican Republic, Korea, and Mexico are experimenting with baseball cheerleading.

Though these countries are breaking the baseball tradition, the US refuses to embrace this practice.


If you love baseball, you probably wonder why this game does not include cheerleaders like sports such as basketball.

Though cheerleaders can reduce the monotony of intra-innings, they cannot add a lot of hype to the game. That is why major countries such as the US do not include cheerleaders in major baseball games.

Even though some few countries have baseball cheerleaders, they don’t do much for the game. On the contrary, they can distract players and prevent them from focusing on the game.


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