Do baseball jerseys shrink?

Are you looking forward to buying a baseball jersey of your favorite player? Choosing the right size is not easy. If you don’t take your time with this, you may be forced to shrink it for it to look good.

Shrinking baseball jerseys depends on the type of material used. Most jerseys are made from polyester, which can be stubborn to shrink.

Some people claim this material cannot shrink while others give you a guideline on how to achieve a reduced size if you buy a big baseball jersey.

Such contradictions are confusing to first-time jersey buyers. You should, however, try to get facts so that you can avoid frustrations and wasting money as you buy a baseball jersey.

Our discussion today not only covers how baseball jerseys shrink but also guide you into choosing the right size of a baseball jersey.

Most of the baseball jerseys have a loose-fitting, but they should not look so baggy. They also come in different forms that you need to understand. Read on to find out more!

How can you pick the right size of baseball jersey?

Every type of baseball jersey comes with a different fit. Understanding this can help you choose the right size of a baseball jersey.

In today’s market, you can find two variations of these jerseys, namely, cool base and flex base. Most baseball players wear flex base jerseys while MLB fielders chose cool base jerseys.

Such jerseys do not add extra weight to your body and give you the freedom to move without clinging on to your skin even when you are sweating.

Baseball jerseys are a bit longer than ordinary t-shirts. You can either choose an authentic or replica baseball jersey.

Most baseball fans consider authentic MLB jerseys to be the best since they are designed with the flex base system. These are made from pure polyester fabric.

Such jerseys may be hard to shrink, but it is not impossible. The back part of authentic baseball jerseys features mesh paneling that enables excess heat to escape. This enhances comfort for players.

They come with a standard sizing system that includes sizes such as small, large, and medium. You can choose an authentic baseball jersey between the size ranges of 40-60.

Replica baseball jerseys, on the other hand, can be made from different materials. Such jerseys incorporate the use of cool base technology in their making.

They are, therefore, breathable and lightweight. You will find replica jerseys cheaper than authentic ones.

Though the sizing system of replica baseball jersey is not different from that of authentic jerseys, the length is not the same. Replica jerseys have a shorter length compared to their counterparts.

Do baseball jerseys shrink?

People shrink baseball jerseys for different reasons. You may have bought a bigger size or have lost some weight and don’t want it to look so baggy.

Regardless of your reason, shrinking baseball jerseys is not a new phenomenon.

Others are worried that their jerseys might shrink after purchase and therefore want to find out the right way to maintain them to avoid such scenarios. Our discussion covers both concerns.

The material used to make your baseball jersey determines if it can shrink or not. If it is made from pure polyester, shrinking is not easy, but it can happen.

You have to dedicate your effort and time if you want your polyester jersey to shrink. Start by turning it inside out so that when you subject it to extreme temperatures, the colors do not fade.

Put in in your washing machine and use hot water to wash and rinse it. After this, you need to move your jersey to the dryer and dry it using the highest heat setting.

The extreme heat should shrink your baseball jersey. Once the process is done, confirm if it has shrunk to the ideal size and give it time to cool at room temperature.

If you are not satisfied with its size yet, you can rewash it using extreme heat. Repeated washing, however, can make its colors start fading.

Alternatively, you can also shrink a baseball jersey using an iron. First, you need to use hot water to wash the jersey then transfer it to your ironing board.

Place a pressing cloth on your jersey so that the iron does not damage your baseball jersey. Use the medium heat setting to iron the jersey so that the polyester does not become very stiff.

Avoid using steam setting as you iron the jersey and don’t iron it repeatedly since this can damage the material or fade the colors. By now, it should have shrunk to the ideal size.

If your jersey is made of cotton-polyester, shrinking, it is not that hard. In this case, you only to machine wash it using hot water and dry it with the highest dryer settings.

How can you prevent your baseball jersey from shrinking?

If you bought the right size of your jersey, you probably don’t want it to shrink. In this case, proper maintenance of your baseball jersey can prevent this.

Start by checking for the tag on the inner part of your jersey. Manufacturers add instructions regarding how to properly maintain baseball jerseys.

If you want to wash it, ensure you use cold water and turn it inside out. Use mild detergents to get rid of any stains on your jersey so that it can retain its original color.

After this, you can hang it outside for a few hours for your jersey to dry. Avoid placing it directly under the sun since intense rays can make it fade quickly.

You can also place it in a dryer for around 5 minutes if you don’t want to hang it outdoors. Since baseball jerseys are designed with moisture-wicking materials, they don’t take long for them to dry.


From our discussion, it is clear than baseball jerseys can shrink depending on how you handle them. If you want to shrink yours, follow the tips we have provided for you to achieve the right size.

Though polyester baseball jerseys tend to resist shrinking, they can reduce in size if subjected to extreme heat.


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