5 Best USSSA Baseball Bats in 2020

When it comes to the choice of a good USSSA baseball bat, there are so many options in the market, and many of them are from the 2019 season. They also cater to the needs of junior and senior players as well. In this article, we will look at five good models that you can consider, as well as a buying guide to help you make the best choice.

Comparison table

Drop weight
Check price on Amazon
Louisville Slugger 2019 Prime 919 2 bat
DeMarini CF Zen senior league bat
Louisville Slugger Omaha Junior 519 bat
Easton USSSA Ghost X bat
AXE Limited Edition Avenge senior league bat

Louisville Slugger Prime baseball bat

Among all the manufacturers of baseball bats you can think of, Louisville Slugger is among the best, so it is not a surprise to find them here either. This model is also among the best USSSA bats you can get for 2019, along with the other wide lineup that they also have.


  • Fulfills USSSA BPF standards at 1.15 BPF
  • Barrel diameter at 2.5 inches
  • VCX vibration control connection
  • Three-piece composite design
  • New speed ballistic composite end cap for better control
  • Balance in swing weight

The bat is mainly comprised of composite material, and the company has utilized a three-piece construction design here, which gives it a greater sense of flexibility for senior league players. The barrel itself has a size of 2¾ inches, and mainly features a micro-foam barrel technology that keeps it flexible, lightweight, and maintaining a big sweet spot.

Because of the technology that is used here, the bat also has a great pop sound, while being very comfortable to handle for contact hitters. The lightweight profile will also allow it to have impressive speeds.

The handle has a very slim taper profile, coming in at 7/8 inches, and this is connected to the barrel through a three-piece stricture. The use of technology here incorporates VCX, which will dampen any vibrations in the barrel and increase your comfort when handling it. All these features make it excellent for hitters who are looking for a bat with light swing weight and a smooth connection.

  • Has quite the large sweet spot
  • Better performance and response
  • Has a very good feel, even on mishits
  • Durable build
  • Pricey


If you are looking for a composite bat that will handle the demands of the 2019 and 2020 USSSA seasons, this is one of the best picks in the market.

DeMarini CF Zen senior league bat

There are numerous good bats out there, but few will compare to the precision of the DeMarini. With a history going back to the founder – the baseball player Ray DeMarini, his obsession with the softball team of his company eventually became a passion for baseball and softball. He quickly became famous for his hard hits, and wanted to improve on the equipment that players were using, eventually leading to the manufacture of high quality baseball bats, which are a core part of the company vision today.

The model employs the use of scientific advancements, which give a product that caters to the needs of many players in the sport and helping them reach their full potential.


  • Length to weight ratio of -8
  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • 2.75 inches barrel diameter
  • Balanced weight distribution
  • 1.15 BPF paraflex composite handle
  • X-lite knob and 3Fusion System

The bat itself meets all the standards of the USSSA, and even has certification that will inspire confidence when you use it. In addition, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months, so you can return it if does not fit your specifications.

The standout feature is its Paraflex+ composite material, which makes up the bat and is responsible for most of its features. Thanks to the material being exposed to the optimal temperature range for a set amount of time, the bat is continuously responsive even when you are driving balls out of the park.

On the other hand, the X-Lite knob will provide consistency when it comes to comfort, while you will also have good weight control from the use of the 3Fusion system – particularly in the area of the sweet spot.

  • Has a very smooth swing and good control
  • Does not take a lot of time to break in
  • Relatively durable compared to most bats
  • Tends to develop cracks in the barrel after heavy use


This is a good option if you are looking for a USSSA baseball bat for an intermediate baseball player.

Louisville Slugger Omaha Junior Barrel 519 bat

Another Louisville Slugger baseball bat on the list, this one provides very good levels of control and balance.


  • Barrel diameter of 2.75 inches, and a taper of 7/8 inches
  • One-piece build, use of alloy material (ST 7U1+)
  • 1.15 BPF
  • Comfort grip made from LS Pro
  • VIBEXTM vibration dampening handle
  • 6-Star premium end cap

Thanks to the 6-star end cap design, one-piece alloy, and the LS pro performance grip, it will be the ideal choice for a good game. Its structure also makes it an excellent choice for players in the Junior Leagues, as the one-piece construction ensures that it has a large sweet spot to prevent the missing of balls during play.

During a clutch situation, this bat is capable of inflicting more damage, since it has the perfect balance of tack and cushioning when you initiate hits. The tapered handle and barrel diameter also go a long way to help you remain comfortable, while reducing the force you will need when swinging the bat.

  • Well balanced, and very easy to swing
  • Very big sweet spot that makes it enjoyable to use
  • Comfortable to handle
  • Generates good power for hits
  • Lightweight
  • None noted so far


The structure and advantages of the bat make it a good choice for junior players seeking to upgrade their bat selections to one that is compliant with USSSA standards.

Easton USSSA Ghost X baseball bat

You will find it hard to bypass Easton on the list of the best baseball bats, and this model continues in the tradition. They are well known for their high quality equipment, and this particular Ghost X model is among the premium choices for USSSA bats on the market.


  • Length to weight ratio of -8
  • 1.4mm Hyperskin grip
  • Design incorporating a loaded two-piece exact carbon material
  • Barrel diameter of 2.75 inches
  • Bat length between 24 and 34 inches

The construction of the bat incorporates the use of high-performance EXACT Carbon composite in a single-piece design. This will ensure that it is the right tool for a good power hitter, and the barrel is also soft enough to give exceptional levels of flexibility and allowing the player to hit as far as they can. It also has a barrel profile of 2¾ inches, and gives you top performances every time.

The weight drop is -12, which makes it a fairly lightweight choice and allows it to swing at high speeds. In fact, the balance here is exceptional as well, giving you excellent feel and weight distribution for extra comfort during play, and you will control your swing momentum effectively when using the bat.

For additional comfort during handling, it also includes Lizard Skin that gives extra cushioning. The grip will also reduce the feedback that originates from the barrel, in addition to giving you a superior grip.

  • Good performance
  • Does not sting even during mishits
  • Very good quality of build
  • Good value for money
  • None noted so far


This is among the best bats in terms of quality of build and performance, and will likely last for a long time, even holding up to heavy use. That makes it our top pick for a USSSA league game.

AXE Limited Edition Avenge Senior league bat

If you are looking forward to avenging your teammates in an upcoming baseball game look no further than this pick. It has quite a unique aspect about it, along with other Axe models – the comfort it offers is exceptional, because the handle is patented and fits your swing style perfectly. That also means you can generate harder hits and smoother swings, which makes it live up to its name.


  • Length to weight ratio of -10
  • Balanced swing weight
  • Ergonomic design of the handle
  • Barrel diameter of 2.75 inches

This bat has almost everything you would require in a good baseball bat – these include the two-piece design and composite material. The combination of these two aspects will allow for faster swing speeds, and harder hits, which ultimately increase the velocity of the ball itself. The handle might look a little strange when you first see it (especially in pictures), but this does not mean that the performance is bad – in fact, the knob at the handle’s end is angled to give you a swing that is more natural.

In addition, the end cap is also at an angle, which means you get faster bat speed even through the zone to give a better performance. The bat is also optimized to hit on one side, so the makers have made this area slightly stronger compared to the rest of the bat – making it ideal for players who struggle with power hits.

  • Feedback is significantly reduced, making it more comfortable to handle
  • Durable and very good design
  • Balance in the swing weight
  • Has a unique design that allows you to swing it safely and with greater power
  • None noted so far


This model is great for general players, as well as professional players looking to upgrade their bat options – which make sense when you consider that so many in the baseball community report positive experiences with it.

What to look for in a USSSA baseball bat

What are USSSA bats?

These are those baseball bats that have the approval of the USSSA standards, and they can be manufactured by an approved manufacturer as well. They are slightly different from the ones that are certified by the USA Bat standards, as the bodies responsible for their approval are different.

There are some basic criteria that these bats must fulfill for them to be approved. These are:

  • They must have a 1.15 BPF stamp on their tapers
  • Must be wooden (primarily) or have a certified .50 BBCOR stamp
  • The barrel must be at a maximum of 2¾ inches
  • The manufacturer must be approved by the USSSA

The main difference between USSSA and USA bats is in terms of their performance – and this is quite significant. The USSSA bat is meant to give a player maximum advantages in their performance, which make them more effective in their play. On the other hand, USA bats are meant to be lighter in weight, which allows the player to have an easier swing and learn to hit the ball correctly.

What about the divisions of players?

There are seven age-based divisions from the USSSA, and the bat standards will differ according to the exact division the player is in. The age ranges are from 8 years to 14 years.

Criteria to look at

Aside from checking whether the bat meets the standards of the USSSA, there are other attributes to examine. These include:

The type of material

When it comes to looking for a good USSSA bat, the most important aspect to look at is the material it is made of. Most of them will have alloy (aluminum), or sometimes feature composite and hybrid materials (mixed with other materials like carbon fiber).

  • Alloy – mixture of aluminum and other metals. They tend to have less of a trampoline effect, so they conform easily to BBCOR standards.
  • Composite – made from carbon, resin, and graphite materials. They will need a break-in time before becoming comfortable to use and give their full potential, and will not necessarily fit in with the BBCOR standards (make sure to check first).
  • Hybrid – they are the high-end version of a BBCOR bat, and comprised of aluminum and composite materials. Very durable and have large sweet spots.

However, this will also depend on the League you are playing in, as some of them will restrict the use of composite bats. Therefore, when buying one, make sure to check in with the regulations of the League itself.

Keep in mind that composite bat types will out-perform aluminum ones due to the swing weight and large sweet spots, as well as performing better in colder weather. On the other hand, aluminum types are better in their lifespan and are lighter than composite types.

If you have no restrictions on the material, it is better to go for the composite bats, or a higher end alloy bat in harder cases.


Ensure you check the BBCOR ideal dimension standards when purchasing the bat, and see whether it fits those standards in the length and width. Some of the standards are a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches, while others will have 2 ¾ inch barrels (this should be the maximum).

Construction detail

There are a variety of details in the construction, which include:

  • One-piece construction – these are made up of single materials. They tend to have lesser swing and are stiffer, which make them good choices for power hitters.
  • Two-piece construction – consist of a barrel that is joined to the handle and both of these are of different materials. The use of different materials also makes them have smoother swings and a more effective hitting experience.


This does not have as much importance as the other criteria, but it will act as a stopper to your hands. This will prevent a case of the bat slipping due to improper support and grip even as you swing the bat.

Grip and taper

The taper is the part of the bat that is in the middle, lying between the barrel (handle) and the knob. If the taper of the bat is wrong, then you will feel uncomfortable holding the bat throughout the game. This is because this is the part that is subject to the most vibration – so when it is incorrect, the vibrations are distributed inefficiently throughout the bat and it leads to awkward shocks in your hands.

The thicker the taper, the less the amount of shock, as a general rule. In addition, alloy bats will usually have a rubber grip, which does the same work, and thicker tapering will also work well with leather types.

Final thoughts

Choosing a good USSSA baseball bat is not as difficult as it might seem, and it is a very wise investment especially when it comes to the younger baseball leagues. However, it is very important to understand the certification and making the right choice when it comes to buying it, since the right bat will enhance the player performance and experience.

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