The Best Slowpitch Softball Bats Ever

Every slowpitch softball player knows that hand/eye coordination is crucial in the game. You should also invest in the best softball bat so that you can enhance your skills.

Finding the best slowpitch softball bat can give you headaches. Since most suppliers claim to offer the best bats for the game, you may face a lot of confusion during purchase.

We are, however, here to ensure that this does not happen to you. Through our discussion, you can find out some of the top slowpitch softball bats that even professional players use.

Apart from reviewing a few of them, we will also guide you into choosing the right softball bats and tell you what else you need for the game. Find out more!

Which are the best slowpitch softball bats of all time?

Batting is a crucial aspect of the game since it affects how well you perform at it. The type of bat you use while playing slowpitch softball can either help you move to the next level or lead to frustration.

You should, therefore, consider choosing the best bat for your game. A professional player gives a few suggestions regarding the bats you should be using. They include the following.

  • Miken Psycho bat

Miken is a reputable manufacturer that is known to produce exceptional bats for softball. You will like the impressive appearance of this specific model and how comfortable it feels in your hands.

Batting with it is easy since it hits the ball well and propels it further. Since it is lightweight, it generates good speed and also takes the ball deep.

Your purchase also comes with a one year warranty. This shows that Miken Psycho bat is made of high-quality materials that enhance its durability.

As long as you know how to strike it, the bat can send the ball on a long flight. You also get to enjoy a large sweet spot.

You, however, have to pay a higher amount for this model compared to the rest since it is a bit pricey.

  • Easton Mako Realtree

Add this bat to your inventory today and enjoy its large sweet spot. Easton Mako Realtree is a two-piece softball bat that is made from composite. It gives you an excellent feel as you hit the softball.

This is one of the models that come with a unique design that makes it stand out from the rest. Apart from being light, Easton Mako is comfortable when it comes to swinging.

You should not experience any vibration as you hit the ball with the bat. It also enhances your power and can help you become a pro at batting.

The slowpitch softball bat comes with handles that secure your grip and put you in control as you play. This model also offers exceptional end-loaded feel to drive the ball deep at all times.

You should, however, avoid using the softball bat in the cold weather since the air temperature can make it less efficient.

  • Demarini Juggy OG

If you looking for an ASA approved softball bat, you should consider choosing this model. It helps you hit the softball at a high level. Despite its lightweight, you can make great solid contact with this ball.

The barrel provides a large sweet spot for enhanced hitting. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with softball bats, you can still launch the ball quite far using this bat.

Unlike other brands, this comes at a reasonable price. You also get a 1-year warranty for this brand.

How should you choose a slowpitch softball bat?

For you to get the right bat for slowpitch softball, you have to decide how much money you have. The price of different bats ranges between $ 100-500.

Come up with a reasonable budget and focus on the bats that are within your limits. You should also pay attention to the stamp of approval on a bat.

You cannot use every bat in different leagues due to the restrictions set. Try to look for a softball bat that is balanced and has an even distribution of weight throughout.

For a bat to generate high speed and feel comfortable, it should have a good grip. While some of the softball bats come with a simple tape, others have complex rubber designs that enhance the grip.

Ensure that you pick a bat that is not very thin or thick so that you can hold it tight even when your hands are sweaty.

You should also assess when you want to use the bat since some of them have a break-in period. For such softball bats, you have to hit various softballs beforehand to maximize their performance.

If you want to use a softball bat the same day you buy it, choose one that does not have a break-in period.

What other equipment do you need to play slowpitch softball?

Apart from bats, you also need other crucial equipment to perform well. Consider getting batting gloves. These increase comfort during the game and give you more control over the bat.

If you are playing in hot weather, gloves also prevent your hands from slipping off the bat quickly due to sweaty palms. You also need a pair of cleats that can secure your feet on the ground firmly.

Your equipment bag should contain muscle braces since injuries are bound to happen while you play. These can help you continue playing even when you have a sprain on your legs, arms, or wrists.

If you are a fielder, then you need special gloves designed to help you catch the ball. Ensure you choose one that is not too tight or loose on your hands.


Slowpitch softball is all about hitting, and the type of bat you choose greatly affects this. That is why we have discussed some of the best slowpitch softball bats ever made to simplify your decision.

Compare each model above and choose one that feels right. As you use the guide we have provided, you should also consider getting some other critical equipment for this game.

The best slowpitch softball bats can make you a great player!


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