6 Best Baseball Movies on Netflix in 2020

Netflix has made it possible for Americans to watch their favorite games. If you don’t have the time to go and watch a baseball game, you should consider getting the best baseball movies on Netflix.

Baseball will always remain America’s favorite sport. Movie producers bring the game closer to you by offering an entire section of baseball films on Netflix. This means that you can always follow up on the game and learn a lot from watching baseball movies.

The problem is that finding the best baseball movies on Netflix is not easy. Since baseball movies are numerous, you have to take your time to learn more about them for you to find the best.

We can simplify your work by giving you comprehensive reviews regarding the top baseball movies on Netflix. Before we proceed with this, the comparison table below should give you a summary of what our discussion entails. Enjoy!

Comparison table

Check on Amazon
Drama sports
128 minutes
1 hour 48 minutes
Battered bastards of baseball
80 minutes
Weeds on fire
Drama sports
95 minutes
Jack of all trades
85 minutes
Brampton’s own
Drama sports
89 minutes


This movie shows us that racism has no place in our community. It is about Jackie Robinson, who manages to become the first black American to play in MLB in 1947. His journey is not, however smooth, since he faces a lot of discrimination in the process.

Through the baseball movie, the filmmaker portrays a story of social change and morality and offers a glimpse of the strength and character needed by those involved. The storyline focuses on the turning point in the history of baseball.

Jackie Robinson, the main character in the movie, is portrayed as a man who loves his wife. He is also passionate about playing baseball and is enthusiastic about his world-changing role. His hard work and commitment to the game help him progress from a minor league to a major league.

Apart from the anti-racism message that the movie portrays, it also teaches us on the importance of standing up for what we believe in. Though Jackie Robinson faces prosecution, he remains focused on his goals and rises above all odds. Despite the challenges that he faces, Jackie receives support from Eddie Stanky and Ralph Branca, and some of the characters that exhibit racism in the movie get penalized.

Though the film has a lot of positive messages, some of the scenes are about violence and sex. The movie also portrays some adults drinking and smoking in a couple of scenes. It is, therefore, not suitable for very young kids since it can send the wrong message.


It discourages racism

The movie contains a lot of ethical lessons for viewers

  • Some scenes include offensive language


42 is an inspiring baseball movie that revolves around a baseball legend who manages to break the color barrier in the game. Though it has some difficult language for young viewers, its overall message is positive. That is why most people consider it as one of the best baseball movies on Netflix.


Screwball reveals the reality of what takes place behind the scenes of major sports such as baseball. If you love exciting sports documentaries, screwball will not disappoint.

The storyline is about the doping scandal involving baseball stars such as Alex Rodriguez and some pro players. Other professionals like doctors, cops, and lawyers are also involved in the scandal.

In the movie, there is a whistleblower that faces a lot of threats from some shady characters. The filmmaker of screwball tells the story using interviews with some of the main characters.

The doping scandal is quite serious since the interviews talk about how players use anabolic steroids to try and boost their performance in the game. Law enforcers are involved in accepting payoffs and collecting bribes.

The film also talks about heavy-duty parting and a lot of alcohol use. By showing all the negative things that happen in the sports industry, the filmmaker tries to sensitize people against such activities. Most of the participants are portrayed as having a lot of childish behavior. One of the scenes also displays some nudity. There is a naked woman that uses baseball to cover some of her parts. The movie is therefore not ideal for young ones.


It has a lot of humor

  • It contains a lot of negative themes


Baseball fans love the hilarious details of this baseball movie. Through interviews, screwball raises a lot of questions regarding the ethics of professional baseball. Though the movie may not have a lot of positive messages, it is an informative piece that people find unforgettable.

Battered Bastards of baseball

If you have been watching baseball for years, then you probably know about some of the greatest teams of all time. The storyline is about one of the greatest teams in the history of baseball. Bing Russel, a Hollywood veteran establishes an independent baseball team known as Mavericks.

In the movie, Bing plays baseball in a city that does not believe in the game. The people who are willing to join his team are rejects of organized baseball. Mavericks, therefore, receives a lot of negative criticism from skeptics who assume that they can never succeed in the game.

Contrary to popular belief, the team works hard to prove everybody wrong and manages to generate unprecedented success. The team not only shatters attendance records but also manages to produce the best batboy in baseball.

Mavericks also signs Bing’s son to be the vice president of the team. It also manages to relaunch the career of one controversial baseball player and hires a female general manager. From watching this movie, you can learn the importance of believing in oneself and collaborating with others. The filmmaker also teaches us the relevance of perseverance regardless of negative criticism from different sources.

  • It shows the independent spirit of a baseball team
  • The movie is quite enjoyable and engaging
  • Some viewers find some of the scenes unrealistic


From the achievements of the team, Bing manages to show the world that they can conquer anything they set their minds to it. This is, therefore, an inspiring documentary of a team that managed to win the hearts of baseball fans and made everyone develop a passion for the game.

Weeds on fire

Do you love watching movies based on sports drama? You should consider getting Weeds on fire. Most people view this as one of the best baseball movies on Netflix.

The movie is about a high school baseball team that faces a lot of challenges as it struggles to gain recognition for the game. Through their hard work and commitment, it becomes the first team to win a baseball league in Hong Kong.

This baseball movie is not all about baseball. It also portrays other themes, such as friendship and love. The main character in Weeds on Fire is known as Lung, who stays in Wo Che Estate. He has a long term friend known as Wai.

When the two join high school, they decide to start a teenage baseball team with the support of the principal. The principal is determined to use the team to help uphold good morals.

Lung acts as the coach of the team, which is called Shatin Martins. He has to enforce a lot of discipline and remind every team member to behave accordingly. Lung looks up to his friend Wai due to his physical strength and bright personality. During their high school years, Wai gets into a romantic relationship with one of the ladies. Out of his expertise for the game, he is chosen as a pitcher.

The filmmaker portrays Wai in a negative light since he starts belittling his teammates due to his new position. His pride goes too far since he shows violence against a rival team, forcing him to be kicked out of Shartin Martins. From this, we can learn the importance of humility and treating others as equals.

Though the friendship between Lung and Wai is broken, they later reconcile after all the drama that Wai is involved in. The departure of Wai from the team forces the rest of the members to work twice as hard. Their efforts finally pay off since they win the tickets to the league’s final. They compete against the Japan-based buffaloes and beat them.

  • It has a lot of positive messages
  • The baseball movie is quite interesting
  • It has some negative themes, such as violence, abortion, and extramarital affairs.


The filmmaker of Weeds on fire tries to teach viewers not to give up even when faced with failures and difficult life situations.

Jack of all trades

Collecting baseball cards has been a hobby for many since the 1950s. This is what led to the creation of sports films based on card collecting. In 2019, Jack of All trades was released to the American audiences after a few years of production. The documentary is about a star known as Stu Stone, who finds his way back home.

As he cleans out some of his childhood items, he comes across a box full of baseball cards. Inside the box, he finds some of the baseball cards that were considered to have high value in the 1980s. As he continues uncovering the value of the baseball cards, he realizes that the value of most cards has dropped tremendously.

This gives him the desire to find out why the baseball card industry has changed significantly. In his efforts, he has to revisit his family’s history. His father was the owner of a sports card shop but left the business after a few years. Stu is curious to know what led to the collapse of the business. He, therefore, interviews a few industry insiders to find more answers.

The filmmaker uses the movie to teach baseball fans a lot about card collecting. It also gives card collectors a nostalgic feeling of the hobby that they probably enjoyed in their childhood. The movie expresses the emotions which come with family ties. The problem with this film is that it uses strong language, making it not the best for young kids.



  • It brings back childhood memories


  • Some viewers feel that some of the details in the movie are misleading


The best baseball movies on Netflix should be not only entertaining but also informative. This defines what you get from watching Jack of all trades. Feel free to watch the trailer of the film beforehand so that you can determine if it suits your style.

Brampton’s own

If you love romantic comedies but still are a fan of baseball, then Brampton’s own is the movie for you. This baseball movie is about Dustin, a baseball player whose ambition is to make it to the major league.

He works hard and practices his swing tirelessly as he waits to qualify for the majors. By his 30th birthday, the baseball season is about to come to an end. His hopes of getting the call diminish. He is forced to quit and retire as soon as his mother urges him to go home.

After more than a decade of trying, Dustin goes back home. He finds his widowed mother in a relationship with a man known as Bart, who has a preteen son called Cody. Dustin becomes friends with the young boy and even teaches him a few tips about girls. Dustin tries to reconnect with his high school sweetheart, who is dating another man.

  • It features great characters
  • Some viewers feel that this baseball movie lacks cohesion


Though the film is entertaining, it focuses more on romantic relationships than baseball. For this reason, some people baseball fans do not connect well with it.

Which is the worst baseball movie on Netflix?

The slugger’s wife

A comedy genius tells the story of a player who is love with a rock singer. The major league star is about to break the record when he meets the love of his life at a night club. Though he decides to settle down with her, they have differing goals.

This tears them apart, and they decide to take different paths since the wife wants to focus on building her singing career. Splitting jeopardizes his performance at baseball due to the lack of focus.

Though the movie is about baseball and romance, most viewers find it boring. Some feel that the actors are not gifted while the singing is mediocre instead of being entraining. Romantic comedies are expected to be lively and charming, but this one is gloomy and noisy.

Some people feel that as a baseball movie, the slugger’s wife is unrealistic. Though you may like some of the lines used by some characters, the overall movie is flawed. Some of the baseball scenes are also not accurate.

  • It is romantic
  • It is not very realistic
  • The movie does not focus on baseball
  • It is not charming


If you go through most of the reviews of this movie, you will realize just how many negative comments people leave. We would not recommend this movie since it fails to focus on baseball and is not interesting.

How to find the best baseball movies on Netflix

As we mentioned earlier, good baseball movies are hard to find. The most successful ones do not only focus on the game but also add different themes to capture the attention of viewers. Baseball movies should be able to add more depth, illuminating not only the sport but also showing how humans connect with it.

Though you can easily search through the baseball movies available on Netflix, you don’t want to waste time watching a boring or uninspiring movie. You should, therefore, focus on getting the best. First, determine the genre you like most so that you can narrow down your search to a specific genre. Baseball movies can be classified into different types. While some are comedy movies, others are documentaries or sports dramas.

You then need to determine the kinds of themes you enjoy from a sports movie. Though the game may be the main focus of a film, you may also like the ones that have other themes, such as aspects of love, friendship, or family dynamics. You can find out this information with ease by looking at the trailer of a baseball movie. You should not forget to check the reviews about the baseball movie since you can learn a lot from others.

Final thoughts

If you enjoy baseball, grab some popcorn and choose the best baseball movies on Netflix to watch from the comfort of your home. You can get all the entertainment you need and even learn more about different aspects of the game through various films. Start with the suggested movies we have discussed above.

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