The Best Baseball Movies for Kids [UPDATED 2020]

Do you have a young baseball fan in your house? Though you may not have the time to take them to watch every baseball game, you can support their passion by getting the best baseball movies for kids.

Baseball movies can get anyone into the spirit of the game. The films take you back in time where stars such as Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson entertained fans. Getting these movies for your young one gives you a chance to connect with them better as they learn different things from them.

Before you buy a baseball movie for your child, you should learn more about it to ensure that it is age-appropriate and is in line with the values of your family. That is where we come in. To simplify your work, we will review some of the best baseball movies for kids and give you a guide on how to pick them. Before we proceed, the comparison table below can give you a brief introduction. Find out more!

Comparison table

MPPA Rating
Check on Amazon
2 hours
Parental guidance suggested
1 and a half hours
General audience
1 hour 41 minutes
Parental guidance suggested
1 hour 43 minutes
Parental guidance suggested
2 hours 8 minutes
Parental guidance suggested
I hour 29 minutes
Parental guidance suggested
2 hours 8 minutes
General audience

The best baseball movies for kids

The perfect game

If you have a young but mature audience at home, you can get them the Perfect Game. This baseball movie is based on a true story. Since it was created in 2010, it has gained a lot of attention from young baseball fans due to its exciting theme.

The baseball movie is about an inspiring story of the little league Underdogs that conquered numerous challenges and finally made it to the World Series. The problem with this movie is that it is not suitable for very young kids since it has some themes that are not very easy for young kids to understand.

From choosing this baseball movie, your child can learn about how to overcome obstacles in life and the importance of working as a team. The film has a religious theme as it features strict Catholics kids from Monterrey. From this theme, your child can learn the importance of depending on faith when faced with obstacles.

The perfect game also shows discrimination since the baseball team has to deal with racism. There is an aspect of alcoholism portrayed in the movie since one of the teammates has a cruel alcoholic father. It, therefore, includes several heated moments and a bit of drama.

Though the group of boys faces numerous challenges, they manage to beat all odds and learn to support each other as they master the game.

  • It is a great family movie
  • Has an entertaining and inspiring storyline
  • It is a true story
  • The movie has some adult topics that very young kids may not understand


Instill values such as kindness and respect in your kids by getting them the Perfect Game. This baseball movie can teach them a lot and inspire them to pursue their interests.

Everyone’s hero

Created in 2006, this is an animated baseball movie that is all about endurance. It takes you back to the time when kids used to plaster their bedroom walls with baseball banners, and every stadium featured heroes.

Christopher Reeve, also known as the Superman, created this heartwarming baseball movie that teaches young ones about persevering against all the odds. It is an entertaining movie that not only suits children of different ages but also the entire family.

The movie is set in New York and features a young baseball fan known as Yankee Irving. According to the storyline, this character is determined to find Babe Ruth’s bat.

The star’s baseball bat was stolen during the World Series, and Yankee is ready to do anything in his power to retrieve it since he considers Babe Ruth his idol.

Yankee begins a cross country journey, which teaches him a lot about the relevance of true friendship and perseverance. In the long run, Yankee Irving becomes everyone’s hero due to his endurance.

  • Features cute animations
  • It contains some funny and natural characters
  • Has a fantastic storyline for young ones
  • Silly slapstick stuff


Take some time to watch this baseball movie with your loved ones and enjoy the funny characters. They can learn so much about baseball history and the depression era. Your children can also learn from the great morals of the main character in the baseball movie.

The Sandlot

Do your children love comedies? You can entice them by buying this baseball movie. It is a lighthearted movie that was set in the 1960s.

Though some of the scenes feature strong language, the baseball movie has a nostalgic tone that makes many families love it. Most people consider it to be among the best baseball movies for kids.

If you are interested in this movie, you should know a bit about the storyline. It talks about a new kid in a specific town who is eager to make new friends. He decides to join a pick-up team in his neighborhood to achieve this.

The gang is, however, faced with a threat. There is a giant found on the opposite side of the sandlot fence that is quite scary.

The baseball movie is, however, rated PG since some kids are seen chewing tobacco. This makes it not suitable for very young viewers. It also contains a lot of colorful insults. The Sandlot also features some strained family relationships.

The friendship between the boys, however, is portrayed in a positive light. They enjoy the blissful summer together as they get involved in different adventures. During their baseball play, the new kid hits the ball, which lands at the Sandlot. They try their best to regain it before the stepfather could discover that it is missing.

  • It has an interesting story
  • Has a unique theme compared to most of the baseball movies
  • Offensive language
  • It also has some scary scenes


From the movie, your child can learn about the importance of having friends who offer support in times of need.

Angels in the outfield

Get a family-friendly baseball movie that is all about baseball stars and hope. The classic film is a tale of Dany Glover and Joseph Gordon that manage to overcome all odds. In this movie, George Knox is a frustrated coach that starts receiving some tips from an 11-year-old fan known as Roger.

The child gets winning tips from an angel, and this makes the team make it to the pennant race miraculously.

From this, the team learns the importance of believing in themselves and working as one.

Most movie lovers view Angels in the outfield as an outrageous comedy full of fantastic action. It contains some dazzling special effects and has a lot of lessons that your child can grasp.

  • It is a theological and dramatic comedy
  • The movie looks nice
  • Contains some vulgarity


You should, however, know that this baseball movie contains some mild violence. Angels in the Outfield includes one fight scene that involves a few punches. Despite this, the overall tone is suitable for young ones.

The rookie

If your child aspires to be a great baseball player, he needs the right form of inspiration. Buy him the Rookie and see how motivated he gets at the end of the film. This movie is about a 12-year-old boy who loves baseball. At the tender age, Henry joins a minor league.

Things do not, however, turn out as he expects because it is not long before he breaks an arm during the little league games. This leaves him devastated because he feels like his dream to become a star one day has been shattered in an instant. Henry does not, however, give up easily because as soon as he recovers, he goes back to playing.

This obstacle makes him better at baseball, and he becomes unstoppable. Suddenly, everyone starts noticing his prowess, and he becomes a star.

You should, however, understand that baseball movie is rated PG since it has some comic violence. The profanities in the film also make it not ideal for every viewer. It also shows scenes of players toasting with beer after the games.

  • The baseball movie is based on a true story
  • It inspires viewers to do better
  • Viewers reveal that it has some vulgarity


This movie teaches viewers the significance of setting goals in life and having faith. It can also teach your child that failure should not hinder them from following their dreams.

A mile in his shoes

Teach your child compassion for people who are different by exposing them to this baseball movie. It is a true reflection of how disability should not hold anyone back from achieving their dreams. A mile in his shoes is about a teenage boy known as Mickey, who has autism. He, however, loves playing baseball and becomes a winning pitcher in a minor league.

The baseball movie is not only inspiring for young ones but informative. It teaches people about the realities of living with a disability and encourages everyone to show empathy for such people. From the movie, you can also see how autistic people perceive the world around them. Though sometimes, Mickey receives ridicule, the film tries to present him with humanity and dignity. We can tell this from the coach who always puts his players before the game.

A mile in his shoes shows the challenges that the teenage boy goes through in his life. It has some domestic violence scenes that you should beware of. For instance, at one point, Mickey gets attacked and threatened by some men. They not only beat him up but also steal his belongings, leaving him confused.

  • It is an excellent family movie
  • Has a good message
  • Some scenes are scary for young ones


The movie tries to teach us the importance of showing compassion for disabled humans. It can help your young one to learn how to respect everyone around them despite a person’s condition.

The pride of the Yankees

If your child is old enough to watch some scary scenes, then they will not have any problems watching the Pride of the Yankees. Though this baseball movie has some violent scenes, it makes it to the list of the best baseball movies for kids.

The Pride of the Yankees features a baseball legend known as Lou Gehrig. He is known for his work ethic and humility despite the challenges that he faces in life. Even though Lou suffers from a condition known as ALS, he loves playing baseball and takes his game from the New City streets to the league field of Columbia.

The baseball movie depicts his struggles with the condition. This movie is, however, not the best for very young kids since the talk of death can be disturbing for them. Lou’s charisma and spirit do not, however, deter him from playing. He becomes a baseball legend for generations. Lou is a role model to many kids who watch the pride of Yankees.

  • The movie contains a lot of action
  • Your kids can emulate a lot of good traits from the main character
  • It has some drinking scenes


Though the film was not very famous at first, the compelling performance of Lou is what has made it quite memorable.

Find out the worst baseball movie for kids


According to numerous reports, many people consider Ed to be the worst baseball movie for kids. Though this was meant to be a family comedy, it has a lot of immature content that makes it annoying. The baseball movie relies heavily on potty humor and has some mild profanity that keeps on recurring all through the movie.

It is not appropriate for your young ones because it promotes drinking. Ed has a scene that shows drunk driving without any consequences. There is a chimpanzee that is seen driving a truck under the influence around the town. It also has a lot of violence and some sexual scenes that might upset children.

  • Some scenes try to show the importance of friendship
  • It is vulgar
  • Promotes poor habits such as drinking and driving
  • Has sexual content
  • Included gender-based insults

Buying guide: How to choose the best baseball movies for kids

Sports films have come a long way, and what you choose for your children can either build or break them. If your children are into baseball, you should focus on getting the movies that are not only entertaining but also educative. In your search for the best movies, you have to consider certain factors.

Start by asking yourself if a baseball movie portrays positive traits that you would like your child to emulate. Look at the characters in the movies for you to determine if it is the right one for your child. You should also evaluate movies based on age appropriateness. While some are ideal for very young ages, others are not. Always find out this information before you buy a baseball movie so that it does not give your child nightmares.

Check for things such as the level of vulgarity in a movie and focus on how it is rated. Some of the baseball movies contain acts of violence or sex stuff which are not ideal for young ones. Others promote negative traits that you don’t want your child to emulate. The best baseball movies for kids should inspire them to be better in life and encourage them to engage more in the game.

You should also pick a movie that does not encourage the use of drugs and alcohol. The media is quite powerful, and exposing your children to such content can lead to adverse effects. Look at the language that the characters use in the movie and determine how appropriate it is for your young ones. A good baseball movie for kids should also be funny or dramatic. It should also be not too long. Children have a short concentration span.

You can also look for a baseball movie that everyone can enjoy. It should therefore not contain a lot of immature content. For you to avoid overlooking any of these important aspects, ensure you do extensive research before buying baseball movies. You should look at what other parents say regarding specific movies and choose the best-rated ones.

Final thoughts

If you are planning the perfect movie night with your family, you need to get the best baseball movies for kids. The market provides all kinds of sports movies featuring comedy, baseball icons, and even historical documentaries. We have reviewed some of the best baseball movies that you can watch with your young ones. Check them out today and pick the ideal one as you put into consideration the factors we have discussed.

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