5 Best Baseball Gloves under $100 in 220

It is well-known that the better baseball gloves you have, the more you will enjoy America’s favorite pastime. However, ensuring that you have the best baseball gloves can sometimes be challenging, especially when you are on a tight budget and still need something that will last for a long time. You will need to keep in mind the brand, the size, type, and so many other factors – and it can be quite frustrating when you have no idea where to start.

There is some good news though, as you can still find good baseball gloves for less than $100. Yes, it might be tricky, but the process will become easier once you know the criteria to look out for. Fortunately, we have done much of the hard work for you, and we narrow it down to five of the best ones you can get, as well as the criteria to use when looking for these gloves – regardless of whether they are cheap or premium brands.

Comparison Table

Brand Position of playerPalm liningGlove materialHand throwingCheck on Amazon
Rawlings Sandlot baseball glovesOutfield, CatchersDouble paddingLeatherBothCheck here
Mizuno Franchise baseball glovesAll – outfield, infield, pitcherButter softJavaRightCheck here
Wilson A900 seriesAll, but especially infield playersDouble paddedCowhide leather, full grainLeftCheck here
Rawlings Gamer Glove seriesAll positionsDouble paddedPro-soft leatherRightCheck here
Infield (especially pitchers)Leather and nylonLeather and nylonBothCheck here

Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Gloves

If you want a baseball glove pair for men in a classic appearance, this is the best pick for you. They have an appearance that features oiled pull-up leather, and this will reduce the time you need to break-in.


  • The back lining of the gloves (for the fingers) is padded
  • Palm pads are zero shock
  • Comprised of full grain leather, oil shell
  • Design takes on a pro pattern format
  • Comes at 90% broken in status from the factory

This pair of gloves is standard fit, and they have a variety of features that enhance your comfort when you are playing the game. These include a conventional back, padded finger linings, and zero shock pads in the palm section to give you maximum levels of control and minimum impact when you catch balls. Due to its structure, it will work very well for players that are in an infield position – but it will also do well for players of other positions as well.

The pro pattern design, full-grain oil shell and Pro I web aspects will help you give solid performances since they help you stay comfortable. To ease the process of break in time, the glove comes when it is 90% broken in from the factory – that will allow you to place more time and energy into training and improving your game.

  • Very easy to break in and use
  • The design is quite nice and comfortable
  • Very comfortable to use
  • The conventional back has a wide opening on the upper part of the wrist
  • Rawhide lacing gives it extra strength and durability
  • None noted so far


This is a great combination of usability and quality, and will likely be suitable if you have a young player as well.

Mizuno Franchise glove series

This glove is a summary of what the company behind it has to offer: a passion of making great products that combine innovation and design into a product that every player requires in their game, and helping them perform at their best. In fact, it does this through considering the input from the best professional baseball players to make a product that is suitable for any player at any level.


  • Pre-oiled leather
  • Palm pad consisting of ParaShock material for extra comfort
  • Lacing that incorporates a Hi-Low pattern
  • Tartan web to make it as comfortable as possible
  • Ortholite palm to reduce shock

The patterns that are engraved into the product are specific to the game, which helps it become more familiar to you. In addition, you will not need to worry much about durability issues, as the fully laced web will ensure that the glove does not fall apart, even as it remains flexible enough to handle multiple hand movements.

The back design employs an open design, and the palm area has an Ortholite Core along with a ParaShock Plus lining to absorb the impact of catching the ball as well as reducing rebound.

The best part about it though is the pre-oiled leather material, which happens to make up the glove itself. This will ensure that the glove is ready for play immediately, and the breaking in time is reduced significantly. On the other hand, the tartan web will complement the pattern (12-inch) correctly – so you can be assured that the glove is of very good quality, and the manufacturer is good enough to keep their products at the top of the glove makers.

  • Great appearance
  • Durable
  • Comfortable once you break in
  • The breaking in process is not as easy and takes a while


This is a great glove and gives you plenty of value of your money. Aside from the breaking in process which takes a while, it is very comfortable and will serve you well for many games to come.

Wilson A900 Baseball glove series

Many people know Wilson gloves to be one of the top baseball gloves in terms of their quality, and the A900 series follows the same trend by giving you a game-ready product.


  • Made entirely from full-grain cowhide leather
  • Leather laces for secure hold during play
  • Has a pro-laced H-web pattern
  • 11.5 inches H-Web
  • Pedroia fit
  • Front side has double palm construction

The length of the glove is great for outfield players, and the webbing makes it quite comfortable to wear – in fact, it is great for the third base, unlike most of the gloves you will find. The design of the glove is optimal for left-handed players as well.

It is also great for people on a budget, and is quite durable thanks to the double palm construction ensures that it remains durable and absorbs plenty of shock; it will be very comfortable to wear for many games in future.

The glove is also quite flexible due to the low profile heel, and it also makes it perfect for infielders because it can help them adjust faster to bad hop situations. For a player with smaller hands, it still remains comfortable because of its Pedroia fit, shorter finger stalls, and a smaller hand opening.

  • Very good quality of construction
  • Very easy to break in
  • Versatile to be useful in all positions
  • Good for fielding due to the web design
  • The sizing might not work for an adult or teen player


This is a great choice if you are on a budget constraint, yet want something worthwhile. There are also some great aspects such as the Pedroia fit, and they are very versatile which makes them great value for money options.

Rawlings Gamer Glove series

Similar to the previous Rawlings baseball gloves we highlighted earlier, this is quite economical to your pocket and works quite well for its pricing limits, so it will not disappoint you for the most part. The distinct feature is that the gloves already come broken in by about 80%, so you will not need to do plenty of play before they become comfortable to you.


  • Padding in the palm areas
  • Improvement in the shell leather, and the pro-style designs to give it better shape retention
  • Padded thumb sleeve and soft finger back linings
  • Prominently features Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces
  • Great for infielders due to the single-post web with a standard back design
  • Padding in the thumb sleeve and soft finger back lining

This also has a partial break-in performance, as it comes when it is broken in by 80% – which leaves you with only 20% input from you. The glove still has a great feel and look due to the updated pro-styling patterns, and there is extra protection for your hands thanks to the leather-reinforced palm pad and padded thumb loops.

The glove is also quite strong and durable due to the Tennessee Tanning rawhide leather laces, and it will retain its shape despite your hand movements thanks to the improved shell leather.

The design of the gloves is meant to allow you to use them for several years, even if you are a heavy user. In particular, younger years will benefit the most from this, especially teen baseball players.

  • The construction and quality is great
  • The leather is stiff, which makes it great for making your game stronger
  • Very good fitting
  • Does not require much break-in time
  • None is available for left-handed players


This glove will give you plenty of good performance for the price it gives you, and helps you practice your hand-eye coordination. In addition, you will not need much time to break in, since most of the work is already done.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Genesis gloves

If you have a young one that wants to pick up the game and you are on the hunt for a good pair of gloves, this is a great choice for you. What makes it even better though is the availability it has for both right and left handed players, so you will not struggle too much finding it suitable for gameplay.


  • Infield glove measuring 10.5 inches
  • Leather web/palm, in combination with a ballistic nylon shell
  • Design taking on a weave web appearance
  • Available in white, black and grey

The design lends itself well to pitcher players, although it can be versatile enough to work for players in any position. There are five sizes available – 12 inches, 11.5 inches, 11 inches, 10.5 inches, and 10 inches. This might sound very big, but it is actually suitable for players with smaller hands because of the wrist opening, which also incorporates short finger stalls.

To increase the custom fitting ability, the glove also includes a Velcro wrist strap. In addition, the combination of Ballistic nylon shell and leather web/palm adds durability to the glove, regardless of the frequency of use. You will be happy to find out that the gloves also come in three colors – grey, black, and white, so you can go for what works for you.

The break in time is almost zero, thanks to the combination of all the materials, and the lightweight and soft materials make it great for infield players, particularly pitchers.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great for younger players due to the smaller finger stalls and wrist opening
  • Durable, thanks to the combination of leather palm and mesh back
  • Easy to break in
  • Not great for advanced players due to the inadequate padding


In terms of experience, this glove is better for younger players and beginners, as the padding and material is not sufficient for an advanced or immediate player. The material is also lightweight enough, so will not need any break in time, making it easier for a beginner to get the hang of the game faster.

What to consider before buying baseball gloves under $100

Many of these criteria will also apply to when you are generally looking for a pair of baseball gloves, so keep that in mind as you look through the list.

Your position

The position you are playing in will go a long way to determine which gloves are suitable for you – as not all baseball gloves are the same. When you group the gloves according to their position, the types are:

  • Catcher’s mitts – these are best for protecting the hands from the impact of the ball, since it is coming at you at very high speeds. This means that they must be heavier and have much more padding compared to the other gloves to prevent injuries. What also marks them out is that they are also fingerless while still retaining the closed web patterns, which is the reason they are not referred to as gloves, and they are measured by circumference.
  • Pitchers’ gloves – like the Catcher’s mitt, they also have a closed web design, which makes it easier for a pitcher to hide the ball and their grip from the batting player. These will usually vary in comfort, size and depth, according to the player’s hands.
  • Infielders gloves – these tend to have shallower pockets, as well as being lighter and smaller compared to the other gloves, and they become even more shallow after they are broken into. Their small size will help the player to move the ball faster to their throwing hand, and the large gaps they have in the padding help to quickly let go of any dirt.
  • First basemen’s gloves – they are bigger than the infielder gloves, while also being fingerless. Their length will give the player an advantage when they are catching balls, and retrieving the ball is quick due to the shallow pocket and open web. If you are getting them for a young player, they will usually come in sizes of about 9 and 10 inches.
  • Outfielder’s gloves – these are the longest gloves, and it is because the outfielder player must catch fly balls, so the gloves will increase their range. Their pocket is also quite deep, and this helps to stop any fly balls from falling out of the glove.

The hand you use for throwing

Before you spend money buying a baseball glove, you need to know which hand you primarily use for throwing balls, then purchase the glove for the opposite hand.

For instance, right-handed throwers need a glove for their left hand, and the opposite also applies. Most stores will sell gloves for both hands, while others take on a more specialist approach.

This brings the question: how do I know if the glove I’m buying is for the left or right hand? Since it can be confusing. However, you will notice that the description will include information on whether the glove is for the right (RHT) or left hand (LHG).

Ease of breaking in

The gloves that have a higher price tag on them are harder to break in compared to the budget-friendly ones, and it all has to do with the materials that make up the glove. Note though that there is no glove out there that has absolutely no break in time, as all gloves will need this regardless of which position you are using them in.

The reason why cheaper gloves are easier to break in is due to their use of synthetic leather, compared to the more expensive ones that use pigskin leather or leather from exotic animals. Some brands will also do part of the breaking-in process so that it reduces the work you have of breaking in.

Final thoughts

When looking for good baseball gloves under $100, you can always find them – it just requires you to know what to look for before you go searching for them.

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