5 Best Baseball Gloves Infield in 2020

Are you a baseball player? Then you must understand the importance of finding the right gear. The best baseball gloves infield can increase your confidence in the game.

The popularity of baseball keeps on increasing each year. Nowadays, people choose to follow this game over others, such as football and basketball. Its popularity has led to the need to develop the best gear for the game. This has contributed to numerous options in the market. It makes it hard for you to find out which gloves are best for infielders.

As an infielder, you play a vital role in the game. Since this position can be quite engaging, you have to find the right infield baseball gloves. Every infield position is however unique, and players have varying preferences when it comes to such gloves. We can, however, make your search easier by discussing the best baseball gloves infield that are highly rated. Before we proceed with reviewing them, the following brief can help you compare them.

Comparison table

Right/left handed throw
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Pro stock leather
Bio-soft leather
Pro soft leather
Numerous sizes
Buffalo leather
Japanese Kip leather
Soft tumbled leather

Wilson A2000 infield glove

If you are searching for a sturdy glove, then this specific model is what you need for your game. The formula has been tested, and the glove highly rated. Most infielders reveal that this glove is quite comfortable during use. It comes with excellent glove dimensions and construction that makes it worth your consideration.

If you are a third baseman, then you will appreciate the size of this baseball glove. It also has an excellent entrance that players look for. The manufacturer maintains a traditional style in designing this glove so that it is not too small nor too big.

The heel also comes with some padding to increase comfort. Some baseball players, however, experience difficulties during exchanges due to the heel padding. The latest versions of this brand tend to have more padding than the earlier version.

Its manufacturer makes use of pro stock leather to design this glove. The leather used in this case comes from Japanese cows. This material enhances its durability and saves you money. Apart from its design, the glove comes with impressive pocket size.

  • It is comfortable to use
  • Great size
  • Well made
  • It can be expensive


Wilson A2000 is a famous brand that does not disappoint infielders. It comes with soft leather that offers a quick break-in and maintains its original shape thanks to the use of the company’s dual welting technology. Consider buying this baseball glove today and use it for years.

Mizuno MVP

Get a versatile and easy to use baseball glove infield from Mizuno. This model has an easy break-in and offers high comfort level during use. The manufacturer uses center pocket design to make this model. Its pocket is located under the index finger to boost comfort.

Mizuno MVP is also made from leather, which makes it smooth on your hand. When you choose this model, you get to enjoy great control and exceptional grip. It can, therefore, boost your skills in baseball. Its thumb slot comes with a PlusGrip thumb that offers a comfy compartment.

Ensure you choose the latest version, which comes in an elegant design. It features wrist logos and the Deep III web. A good baseball glove for an infield player should come at a perfect size, and this model does not let you down. Your purchase also comes with a one year guarantee for your peace of mind. Some people, however, reveal that the leather knots are loose.

  • Great break-in period
  • Center pocket design
  • Affordable price
  • It is comfortable
  • It may come in a smaller size


Mizuno has been making baseball gloves for more than 50 years now. Though it is known for its various models, this specific model stands out due to the pre-oiled leather that allows it to break in quickly. It is among the best baseball gloves infield due to its versatility, design, and comfort level.

Rawlings gamer glove series

Sometimes, baseball gear can be expensive. Save on some costs by choosing an economical baseball glove for your infield position. This specific model not only helps you save but also enjoy the best performance. Since it is 80% worked in, it minimizes your effort to get it to the break-in period.

The series is a collection of different models that you can choose from. While some of the models under this category are suitable for baseball, others are used by softball players. If you are looking for a youth model for your son, you can get one with tapered wrist entry and thin finger stalls to boost comfort.

Rawlings gamer gloves receive a lot of attention from players due to their durability. The manufacturer uses high-quality materials to make them last for longer. The glove can withstand constant pressure for a long time without getting damaged.

Since the models, in this case, are numerous, they come in various sizes and colors. Ensure you get the right size, depending on your age. Most of the Rawlings gamer series models come with a shallow pocket, which is specifically meant for infielders. Though baseball gloves infield from this company is superior, many customers are not happy with the quality of the lace.

  • The series is a collection of both youth and adult models
  • Long-lasting gloves
  • They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors
  • You may have difficulty trying to find the right size


The uniqueness of the best baseball gloves infield is seen in the Rawlings gamer glove series. The models here look not only good but also feel comfortable.

Louisville Slugger Genesis

Are you eager to teach your son how to play baseball? You have to start by equipping them with the right gloves. Louisville Slugger Genesis can help them enhance their skills in the game. It is a good glove for people who are serious about the game.

The model features buffalo leather and performance mesh, which make it comfortable and durable. It contains all the right features found in the best gloves for baseball and has a traditional feel. Since the break-in is already done in the factory, you can start using it at the game immediately. Unfortunately, it does not come with a round pocket found in other models.

  • Performance meshing
  • It is durable
  • No break-in period needed
  • Great quality
  • It is soft and comfortable to use
  • Some users complain that the webbing in this model is too stiff


Louisville Slugger Genesis is a unisex baseball glove that is 11.5 inches. If you are right-handed, then you should be able to use this glove well. Despite this, it is hard to find an ideal size for an adult player.

Marucci Founders infield

Marucci has been creating high-quality baseball equipment for years. Right from their bats to the gloves, you can tell how good their products are. Most professional baseball players consider this company as a top leader when it comes to creating the best baseball gloves infield. Marucci Founders offers a collection of different models.

Though specific models of gloves differ in terms of their sizes, they have some standard features. You need to choose the right size of glove depending on your specific position in the game. For instance, if you are a middle infielder, then the small 11.25 glove is an ideal fit.

Each glove comes in the conventional open back design. It also features a medium-deep pocket. Unfortunately, this feature is not suitable for every player since some prefer a shallow pocket. Like Rawlings, the manufacturer of this baseball gloves depends on the excellent quality of the Japanese leather. Marucci Founders gloves, therefore, not only feel soft but are also flexible thanks to the material used in the making.

This glove is also double laced to enhance durability. The laces used to make it is US tanned leather, which is known for its resilience. Marucci experts are also responsible for crafting each glove individually. Apart from its quality, the glove also comes with numerous features that enhance comfort during the game. There is a heel padding on the glove which offers a natural break-in. It also protects your hand as you play and adds extra comfort.

  • The webbing offers additional reinforcement
  • It is made from soft leather
  • You can pick from different sizes
  • It is expensive


Most players that have been using Marucci Founders infield love the soft gloves it offers. This glove gives you a great feel while at the same time offering exceptional toughness. If you are left-handed, you may, however, have problems trying to find an ideal glove from the company.

Nike MVP edge youth

Even if you are new to the sports world, you must have had about the excellent reputation of Nike. This is a well-known company that produces different sports equipment. Young baseball players deserve the best equipment to boost their skills, and Nike MVP edge youth does not disappoint.

One of the things that makes this glove stand out among the rest is its fit. The baseball glove should fit perfectly. This is because the manufacturer incorporates the use of a no-slip design on the interior of the glove. This feature locks your glove into a proper position by anchoring your fingers securely.

You enjoy not only great comfort but also ample protection as you use the glove thanks to the inclusion of foam-backed finger stalls. Together with the no-slip design, they cradle your fingers on a foam pad. Nike MVP is made from soft tumbled leather that also enhances comfort. Despite this, most players reveal that it is not as durable as some of the models in the market.

The glove enables you to make quick plays while in the field. Its cowhide palm is shallow and lightweight, giving you high performance. The palm material used enhances gripping and improve your ability to hold on to the ball.

  • The youth glove comes with high-quality features
  • Cowhide palm simplifies tough plays
  • You get a secure fit due to the no-slip design used
  • It only comes in one color option


As a young fielder, you need a baseball glove that is comfortable and has a great fit. This is what you get from choosing the Nike MVP edge.

Which are the worst baseball gloves infield?

Apart from reviewing the best baseball gloves infield, we also have to warn you about the worst brands to prevent you from making mistakes during purchase. Based on what many experienced baseball players reveal, MacGregor and Champro baseball gloves infield are quite inferior compared to the rest of the brands.

Though these two brands are cheap, they are not of the best quality. They also lack some of the major components that you would expect from a baseball glove and are not as comfortable as the models we have discussed above.

Do not let the low price tags tempt you into choosing them since you may not enjoy great performance with Champro and MacGregor baseball gloves. You can use them for training but not during the game since they are flawed.

  • Ideal for training
  • Cheap
  • Poor quality materials
  • Less durable
  • Not comfortable
  • Lack of some of the major components

This guide should help you find the best baseball gloves infield

Choosing the right baseball gloves infield can be challenging at first. If you, however, know the right factors to put into consideration before you start shopping, then you can simplify the purchase process. Consider the following.

The position you play

Every baseball glove is designed with a particular baseball player in mind. You have to know your specific infield position for you to pick the right baseball glove. Most of the infielder gloves come with a fingered design and have a shallow pocket for the quick release of the ball.

Left or right-hand throw

While some of the baseball gloves are designed for right-handed baseball players, others are specifically meant for left-handed players. You should not forget to find out this information as you compare different brands. If you are left-handed, you need to choose a glove that is reversed to provide room for finger and thumb positions.


The best baseball gloves infield should have a perfect fit in your hand. Ensure you wear the glove before buying it to confirm this. You don’t want to buy a large since it can feel clumsy and deter your performance. A large glove can slow down your movements. If you find one that is slightly large but still chooses it, ensure it has an adjustable feature like a strap.


You should also focus on the construction of baseball gloves. Most of them are made from different leather types. When you are on a budget, you can go for a baseball glove made from synthetic leather. This is often convenient since it does not need a break-in period, and it is lightweight.

Alternatively, you can choose one made from oil-treated leather. Such a glove needs a short break-in period. Professional players, however, prefer Pro Series leather since it is known to be of the highest quality. This not only offers great comfort but is also rugged.

The materials used to make baseball gloves determines how durable they are. You need to buy one that can last throughout the season without experiencing wear and tear. Out of the three materials, synthetic leather is not as durable as the other two.

Glove components

Apart from that, you should also focus on the components that come with the glove. Ensure that the gloves infield you choose has all the standard components. For instance, some of the gloves have stiff webbing, while others have loose webbing construction. The pocket construction of gloves is also different. As an infielder, you need to choose a glove that has shallow pockets so that it can help you release the ball fast.

Check the lacing of the glove since this is meant to keep it in good shape. Most baseball gloves make use of leather lacing, which requires a break-in period. As you choose a glove, ensure that it has a comfortable heel.

Final thoughts

Choosing baseball gloves may be a personal decision, but without the necessary guidance, there is a high likelihood of making a wrong decision. To prevent this, we came up with a list of the best baseball gloves infield that we recommend you check out. From our comprehensive reviews, you can see that each brand differs from the other. Use these suggestions as you start your search and choose one that can make you a great baseball player.

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