5 Best Baseball Cleats for Youth Players in 2020

In baseball, the cleats you choose can either give you support or take you down. If you have a young baseball player, prioritizing their safety is a must. Start by getting the best baseball cleats for youth.

For a long time, the manufacturers of baseball cleats focused so much on creating high-quality products for professional players that they forgot the youth. This made it hard for parents to find good baseball cleats for their young ones. We have, however, seen tremendous changes in this trend due to the success of young baseball teams and leagues. Different brands now produce baseball cleats specially designed for the youth.

You should choose the best baseball cleats for youth from the different brands available. There are, however, a lot of considerations you have to make. To help you out, we will review some of the best cleats for young ones so that you can compare them. Before we get into details, this table summarizes most aspects. Find out more!

Comparison table

Wide sizes available
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Under Armour UA leadoff
9 ounces
Adidas wheelhouse 4 K
9 ounces
Mizuno 9 spike
6.6 ounces
Nike kids Huarache
8.4 ounces
New balance 4040v4
9.3 ounces
Nike trout 4 Pro
8.4 ounces

Under Armour UA leadoff

If you are searching for unisex cleats that your baseball child can use, you should consider choosing this brand. It comes in various color schemes that can match the style of your child. Apart from being fashion-oriented, these baseball cleats deliver a high performance.

They come with a low-top silhouette that can boost your child’s skills in the game. The shoe is designed with synthetic leather and has a Nubuck upper in its construction.

This ensures that the baseball shoe can last for longer so that you don’t keep on buying a new pair every season.

Your child should also feel comfortable wearing the cleats for hours. The problem with these baseball cleats is that they can feel tight for kids with wide feet.

Despite this, Under Armour baseball cleats have an ArmourBond midsole that enhances shock absorption. This can give the feet ample protection during impact. The midsole is designed to disperse shock, which is produced from the cleat pressure.

If your child is a pitcher, they will appreciate the abrasion-resistant toe overlay of these cleats. This ensures that the shoes remain intact as they play. The cleats are also molded using rubber to provide rotational traction. They, therefore, help a child not only run fast but also take shape turns in the field without the risk of slipping.

It also has a mesh tongue that keeps the feet cool. You can also buy the same shoe for different age levels. The manufacturer produces this model for small and big kids.

  • The midsole enhances weight distribution
  • It is long-lasting
  • The baseball cleats are stylish
  • Getting it on and off is hard


The manufacturer of these baseball cleats designed it so that it can offer excellent traction for mobility and speed on the field.

Adidas wheelhouse 4 K

Whether your child is 4 or 8 years old, you can always find the right baseball cleats under this model. They not only come with a low price tag but also are available in various designs.

Young baseball players spend a lot of time practicing for real games. They, therefore, need breathable baseball cleats.

Thanks to the inclusion of the mesh lining, this model enhances comfort for your child. The upper part of the boot also contains some perforations that boost breathability. The best baseball cleats for youth feature Eva midsole, and this model is no exception.

The best baseball cleats for youth feature Eva midsole, and this model is no exception. Its midsole offers excellent cushioning under the feet. Though the midsole covers a large part, it is lightweight so that your child can enjoy his baseball cleats for long without experiencing fatigue.

The problem with these cleats is that they sometimes run small. Baseball cleats from Adidas offer optimal traction through the use of molded rubber. On the upper part, is the company’s logo. This makes the shoe appear stylish and modern.

Apart from getting value for your money, your child should enjoy playing in them for long without experiencing discomfort.

  • The molded rubber offers a decent grip
  • It is lightweight
  • Has a breathable mesh lining
  • The midsole is only ¾ in length


Though this model is still new in the market, it makes use of high-quality leather and has a synthetic toe overlay. The baseball cleats are designed to boost performance.

Mizuno 9 spike

The reputation of Mizuno makes more people consider buying baseball cleats from the company. Mizuno is famous for producing high-quality softball and baseball equipment.

Having been in the industry for decades has made it master the art of producing gear that customers appreciate. This specific model features a full-length midsole, which enhances comfort to the wearer.

Apart from offering great cushioning, the midsole minimizes cleat pressure that develops as the child plays the game.

Unlike most of the models, the Mizuno 9 spike comes with a padded touch, which also enhances comfort. One of the significant problems that baseball cleats wearers reveal is that not all of them fit as expected.

Mizuno 9 spike is, however, different since it makes use of a lace-up closure system. This ensures that your child can tighten the cleats as they wish and enjoy a secure fit.

At the bottom of the cleats are rubber studs that make it ideal for different surfaces. Young baseball players can use the cleats on both grass and dirt surfaces. Some of the baseball leagues do not accept the use of metal spikes.

Since these cleats feature rubber studs, they are ideal for school level and college leagues. Though the versatility of this model is undeniable, you may not get a broad range of colors. It comes with the Mizuno logo on both sides.

  • They are comfortable
  • Ideal for various fields
  • The full-length midsole prevents soreness
  • You only get the low-top option


These baseball cleats are engineered to offer exceptional comfort and stability in the field. Most players find them lightweight and long-lasting.

Nike kids Huarache

Sometimes, baseball cleats tend to feel quite warm when playing under the scorching sun. If your child has been raising such issues with his current pair, it may be time to address this by getting a new one from Nike.

This specific model tries to solve the problem through the use of mesh construction that enhances the circulation of air throughout the shoes.

The baseball cleats also include a tongue and mesh collar, which enhance ventilation. Wearing these shoes, therefore, prevents the feet from feeling overheated.

This brand also utilizes the lase-up closure system to make sure that the feet remain intact all through. Unlike the models we have discussed earlier, Nike kids Huarache has flex grooves on its outsole. This not only enhances traction but also boosts the lifespan of the baseball cleats.

Most of the children with wide feet, however, find the cleats quite stiff. If your child spends a lot of time practicing baseball, the insole of these baseball cleats should come in handy. It assists in shock absorption and offers excellent arch support.

  • It is durable
  • The flex grooves enhance flexibility
  • You can get it in different designs
  • Some users reveal that they can be a bit snug


Get lightweight baseball cleats that don’t weigh you down as you try to run fast while at the game. Nike kids huarache cleats are comfortable on your feet, and they offer a vast range of motion.

New balance 404ov4

Rather than following the prevailing trends in the shoemaking industry, the manufacturer of this model focuses more on creating a quality shoe.

The best baseball cleats for youth offer high performance while at the same time providing a reasonable price tag. Choosing new balance baseball cleats lets you enjoy this.

They feature a synthetic upper and mesh lining that cools your feet throughout the game. New Balance baseball cleats are also quite comfortable. They are made using molded rubber that offers excellent traction and enhances durability.

One of the reasons why this brand stands out from the rest is that it provides wide sizes. Young baseball players with wide fit do not have to experience stiffness as they put on these baseball cleats. You can also select these cleats from the different color schemes offered.

The problem with shoes from New Balance is that they tend to be heavier than other models. They are, therefore, not the best for beginner players. Apart from that, the baseball cleats offer a toe overlay for maximum protection. They are made from synthetic material and have a midsole that features foam.

  • Offer excellent traction
  • Come in different sizes and colors
  • They are breathable
  • They are only available in one style


Buying baseball cleats for the youth can be tricky due to how fast they tend to overgrow them. You should, therefore, ensure that you pick one that comes in an ideal size. Since New Balance cleats accommodate even wide sizes, they can be an excellent fit for your child.

Nike trout 4 Pro

Get your child stylish baseball cleats that they will enjoy. This model comes with Trout’s name on the ankle.

It is ideal for young baseball players since it does not add extra weight to their feet. Nike trout is made from synthetic leather, which makes it breathable and comfortable on your kid.

The shoe also contains a foam collar that offers high stability and protection around the ankles. Your child should also not struggle to put on his shoes, thanks to the inclusion of a pull tab.

It also provides extra cushioning from the phylon midsole included in the shoe. You also get the option to choose the cleats from different colors such as white/black and royal/white.

Sizing is a significant problem that many parents looking for baseball cleats for their children face. The manufacturer of this model tries to solve this problem by offering Nike trout in different sizes. It offers sizes 1-6, including the half sizes.

  • They are breathable
  • The baseball cleats are comfortable
  • Easy to put on
  • Most customers report that they are not long-lasting.


The manufacturer of this model focuses on keeping the baseball player comfortable by offering high-quality baseball cleats. They also keep the feet cool at all times due to their breathability.

Why we don’t recommend these baseball cleats for the youth

Now that you know the best baseball cleats for youth, you should be aware of the inferior brand to avoid wasting your cash.

New Balance Furon V1

Though these cleats are advertised as soccer cleats, they are actually meant for baseball. Most people find the information provided misleading.

They may be made from synthetic, but these cleats do not give you value for your money. Most customers have a lot of complaints regarding them.

First, getting the right size is a pain. These shoes don’t fit most players. It may be too tight for your child. Putting on the shoe is also difficult for young ones. The shoe’s tongue is linked to the sides, making it hard to put on.

Apart from size limitations, the cleats do not provide a lot of color options for people to choose from.

  • They contain a rubber outsole
  • Most players don’t find them comfortable to wear
  • They are hard to put on
  • Sizing issues


Spare your son a lousy experience by avoiding these cleats. They don’t add excellent traction nor enhance comfort for your child. It is one of the lowest-rated models in most platforms.

A guide to finding the best baseball cleats for youth

Every champion in baseball has to start from somewhere. Most stars in the sport began playing at a tender age. Choosing the right baseball cleats is, therefore, a big deal since it can help a young player boost their skills in the game. You have to be keen on the following factors as you look for youth baseball cleats.

The position

The game involves different positions such as infielder, batter, catcher, outfielder, and pitcher. You have to buy these cleats depending on the specific position your child plays. If your child is a catcher or pitcher, they have to spend a lot of time in one position. They, therefore, need baseball cleats that can give them great support. A pitcher also needs cleats that offer toe protection to prevent them from injuries as they drag their toes during the wind-up.

If your child is an outfielder or infielder, you should get them baseball cleats that offer great traction. Infielders need shoes that enhance their maneuverability.

Fit and sizing

This is a factor that you should not overlook when buying youth baseball cleats. For you to avoid replacing baseball cleats every month, you should first measure the foot size of your child. Go with them shopping so that they can try out different baseball cleats to avoid further complications. Also, consider your child’s age as they tend to grow fast. If you are purchasing baseball cleats for your 12-year-old son, you have to focus on getting them the right fit.


Baseball is a sport that needs constant jumping and running. You, therefore, have to choose baseball cleats that are as comfortable as possible. Consider getting one with a lace-design closure so that the child can adjust them accordingly.

As you compare the best baseball cleats for youth, you need to focus on the sole area. This is the region between the ground and foot. You should choose a model that has proper cushioning around the sole area. Ensure that your ideal shoe has other elements such as shock absorption materials. It can reduce pain ad pressure as the child jumps or runs around.


Rather than focusing on the appearance of baseball cleats, you should find out the materials used in the construction. This can determine how durable baseball cleats are and the level of performance you should expect from them. The best cleats are either made from synthetic or leather materials. Youth baseball cleats should be made from both materials. A blend of the two ensures that your child can enjoy flexibility and breathability as they use such baseball cleats.

Final thoughts

Baseball is a fun sport that involves not only adults but also young ones. As long as a child shows interest in the game, you can teach them how to play baseball. Before that, you have to equip them with baseball cleats. These are safety gear that enhances traction on different surfaces.

Choosing the best baseball cleats for youth is, however, a tricky process. Our reviews and buying guide above can, however, make your selection easier. Feel free to compare each brand as you focus on critical factors such as comfort and flexibility.

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