6 Best Baseball Cleats for Wide Feet 2020

Do you have wide feet and can’t find the right size of baseball cleats? We feel your pain. Cleats are designed with different foot sizes in mind. Getting the best baseball cleats for wide feet enhances stability while playing.

If it is not your first time shopping for such cleats, then you probably know that few manufacturers specialize in producing baseball cleats for wide feet. You should not, however, give up your search easily since it of utmost importance to choose the right size of cleats when you have wide feet. Such cleats can boost your performance in the game and enhance comfort. They can also prevent your feet from sustaining an injury as you play.

The sizes of wide feet differ when it comes to women, men, and even children. This sometimes makes the search harder. We can, however, simplify things for you by discussing some of the best cleats for wide feet. Our discussion also includes a guide that should help you choose the best cleats for wide feet. This table should also help you out. Enjoy!

Comparison table

Color options
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Micro G pursuit
New balance 3000v4 turf
Synthetic rubber
Men’s leadoff low RM
Synthetic leather
New balance Men’s L4040V4
Nubuck upper and synthetic
Reebok Vero FL III
Synthetic leather
Dynasty 2.0 turf

Micro G pursuit

Shoes from Under Armour are known to be of high quality, and this specific model does not disappoint players. It offers excellent functionality and a high level of comfort. Micro G pursuit gives you a lot of room to maneuver during your gameplay and a snug fit. It is a great option for people with extra wide feet.

Like most of the baseball cleats, this model is designed using synthetic material. Just by looking at the sole of this baseball shoe, you can tell that it is quite durable. It also features a low top arch and comes in different colors. Unfortunately, these baseball cleats do not support Velcro fastening.

Micro G pursuit has excellent cushioning that offers great flexibility and balance during movement. Investing in these baseball cleats is, therefore, worth it.

They also come with a breathable fabric and a mesh top that does not add extra weight to the shoes.

Some of the problems that baseball players deal with when using baseball cleats are stinking and excessive sweating. The manufacturer of this specific model tries to minimize such issues. Reports reveal that most cleats from Under armour are quite hygienic since they facilitate moisture resistance. You can also enhance the experience by maintaining the cleats properly. Feel free to wash and dry your shoes after use.

They also come with a foam padding which enhances comfort during use. You should enjoy the soft pads located inside the shoes. They ensure that your feet remain comfortable throughout your game. The cleats also have a firm grip on the bottom to ensure that your feet remain firm on the field. Most players also like the ankle collar support that these cleats offer.

  • You can choose from different colors
  • It fits different genders
  • Offers a secure grip
  • You may not get an ideal size for a young baseball player


As you jump while wearing these cleats, your feet land on a soft cushion to prevent you from injuries. These baseball cleats allow you to swing easily without the risk of slipping.

New Balance 3000v4 turf

This company specializes in designing fantastic shoes for men. Regardless of the size of your feet, you can always get a suitable fit by choosing cleats from New balance. The specific model is not only durable but also turf-friendly. Most men with wide feet like this model due to its high comfort level and numerous features.

The manufacturer makes use of a fabric that is quite breathable. This prevents your feet from sweating since it offers a cooling effect. You can enjoy the baseball cleats without worrying about stinks or sweating too much. You can remove the inner part and wash it when you are not playing.

It is also made from synthetic rubber, which is known to last for long. You, therefore, don’t have to keep on replacing your pair of cleats every season. Every baseball player likes feeling confident in their cleats. That is why the producer of this brand uses unique colors that can match the style of each player. You can pick from more than ten color options available.

The model also comes in different patterns. This enables you to choose a one of a kind baseball shoe. It has some sharp outer spikes that sink into the baseball field. They hold you against gravity and boost stability as you maintain a specific position for a while. Unfortunately, the model is hard to break-in.

  • Contains a removable insert
  • Numerous color variations and sizes
  • Are lightweight
  • Provide a secure grip
  • Lacks Velcro fastening.


If you don’t intend to start using your baseball cleats immediately, then you can choose this model. Take some time to practice with them.

Men’s leadoff low RM

Finding baseball cleats with wide feet is hard. The search becomes even harder when you are on a budget. If you are searching for such cleats with an affordable price range, you should consider choosing this model. Apart from the price, you will also like the aesthetic appearance of these cleats.

The baseball cleats come with a lot of features that should give you confidence during your purchase. Under Armour handcraft these shoes using durable synthetic leather to enhance their lifespan and make them flexible. The sole is also made using synthetic material. It, therefore, gives you a fantastic feel as you move around the field.

One of the major concerns that most players have as they compare the best baseball cleats for wide feet is breathability. That is why these cleats include mesh tongue to ensure that your feet do not feel overheated as you play. You may, however, not like the bright colors that these cleats come with.

When you have wide feet, size is a crucial matter as you choose baseball cleats. This model offers a diverse range of sizes to accommodate many baseball players. You can choose between 6.5 and 15.0 M US. It also weighs around 11.4 oz, making it ideal for beginner players. You not only enjoy durability but high traction as you use these cleats. It comes with a midsole for comfort. Feel free to choose the cleats from at least eight available color variations.

  • It comfortable and flexible
  • Highly breathable
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Some people report that they run smaller than expected.


Under Armour continues to impress baseball players with cleats featuring creative designs. Like most of the models from this brand, Men’s leadoff low RM is designed to boost your performance. It is both durable and comfortable. Beginners also find them affordable.

New Balance Men’s L4040V4

Do you prefer cleats that feature metal spikes? You should consider choosing this specific model. The spikes provide a strong grip on different grounds. It makes the baseball cleats quite versatile since you can use them on different surfaces such as uneven road or dirt.

The manufacturer of this model makes use of different materials in its construction. For instance, synthetic polymers are used to make the shoe while the upper part of the cleats features a breathable fabric. The mesh on the top part of the baseball shoes enhances the circulation of air to keep your shoes fresh always.

It contains a synthetic sole that gives the shoe a definite shape and overall strength. This means that the baseball cleats can withstand rough play for long without getting damaged easily. The best cleats for wide feet should be lightweight, and this model reflects that. It also comes with a cushioned midsole to enhance comfort as you wear the pair.

As long as you choose these baseball cleats, you can relax during playing without the worry of falling or slipping. The cleats also simplify your game by allowing you to move around with ease. According to reports, these baseball cleats are 1-ounce lighter compared to most of the models in the market. The weight of these cleats also makes them quite flexible. Though you may find the shoe in different sizes, female sizes are not available.

These baseball cleats feature the TPU mesh, which enhances their durability. It makes use of the lace cage mechanism that enhances the way you tuck your shoelaces. You can also choose the baseball cleats from 11 color options offered. Try to find a suitable color that blends well with your uniform.

  • It comes with long laces that makes it ideal for every player including the youth
  • Provides a firm grip
  • Numerous color options
  • The metal spikes can be dangerous for beginners


Since New Balance Men’s L4040V4 does not need a long break-in time, you can start using the cleats immediately after purchase. The lower ankle offers excellent support, while the materials make it quite light.

Reebok Vero FL III

Reebok is a highly esteemed company that is also known to offer some of the best baseball cleats for wide feet. This specific model is highly recommended due to its functionality and flexibility. The manufacturer makes use of synthetic leather to create these baseball cleats. The plastic polymer is used to make the sole of these shoes.

You can use these cleats during practice or at a league. The top leather upper incorporated on the cleats make them look stylish and modern. It also increases convenience for the wearer and makes them lightweight.

The company behind these shoes is keen on producing breathable cleats. That is why you will notice the web collar liner incorporated into this model. It makes use of modern technology to prevent excess accumulation of moisture in the shoes. This ensures that your feet always remain fresh, and the cleats do not produce a foul smell. Though the baseball cleats are quite useful, they don’t come in a variety of color options.

  • They prevent the build of germs or moisture
  • Fancy Design
  • They are not pocket-friendly


Teach yourself how to play baseball by buying these highly performing shoes. They can help you master how to play a specific position without risking an injury.

Dynasty 2.0 turf

Most women baseball players have wide feet. They also experience a lot of problems trying to find unisex shoes that are an ideal fit. The manufacturer of this model wanted to give such players a lasting solution and therefore introduced Dynasty turf. It is not only a great cleat for lady players but also versatile.

You can use these shoes on different grounds. Some people use them on wet floors while others prefer playing these baseball cleats on dry ground. The outer sole of these cleats is studded using rubber.

The producer makes use of leather to design the upper sole. Unlike baseball shoes that are prone to odors, these are made to be stink resistant. You can remove the inner part of the shoe and wash and dry clean it when you are done with your game.

The shoe also comes with a full-length REVA, which acts as the midsole. You can choose the baseball cleats for the five color options available. Since these shoes are specifically made for women, it is hard to find ideal men sizes.

  • Provide different size options for ladies
  • They look stylish
  • Offer great comfort
  • They don’t offer a very secure grip


If you like playing baseball anywhere, these cleats give you the freedom to enjoy your game regardless of the floor you are on. Take advantage of this and get a pair of these cleats to practice for your big game.

Why we do not recommend these baseball cleats for wide feet

3n2 men’s reaction referee shoes

If you are officiating a baseball game, you need to choose the right baseball cleats when you have wide feet. Though this specific model is marketed as lightweight and comfortable, most customers complain about its durability. They reveal that the sole starts coming apart after a short duration.

The baseball cleats seem to be poorly made since many customers don’t like their quality. Though this shoe is advertised to be for wide feet, some reveal that it can be quite narrow. You may not find an ideal fit easily. The material used in the making is also ultra-stiff. This makes it difficult to break in.

  • They are light
  • Low-quality cleats
  • Not durable
  • Only come in one color
  • Sizing issues

This should guide you as you look for the best baseball cleats for wide feet

Before we discuss how to choose the best cleats for wide feet, you need to understand why you need the right shoe width. Buying narrow baseball cleats can cause particular problems to feet. Even if you find the perfect cleats with all the right features choosing the wrong width can make it hard for you to benefit from the elements.

Wearing wide cleats when you have wide feet helps you enjoy the comfort that you need while playing. It prevents you from soreness and boosts your performance. The right size of baseball cleats can help you run or jump without twisting an ankle. Here are some of the aspects that you should consider as you buy wide baseball cleats.

  • Material

Most of the wide baseball cleats have an upper body that is made from synthetic or leather. Leather baseball cleats look not only good but also offer ample protection. The material tends to stretch according to your foot’s size. If you want an affordable shoe, then synthetic would be a good fit.

  • Ankle support

Baseball cleats are often manufactured in different styles. The specific style you choose determines how much ankle support you get from them. If you want excellent ankle support, you should select high cuts. Such extend above the ankles to prevent you from injuries. You can get moderate reinforcement by choosing mid-cut baseball cleats. Low cuts, on the other hand, are designed for players prioritizing speed.

  • The width

For you to find the best cleats for wide feet, you should focus on size charts. Having some knowledge regarding the different sizes of both genders can make your search easier. Baseball cleats for wide feet come in three sizes for men and women. In children, only two sizes are available. Try walking around with the cleats before buying them and ensure that they have enough room.

Final thoughts

Every baseball player has different needs when it comes to choosing cleats. The size of the feet is also not the same. If you have wide feet, choosing cleats that fit you right is a must. We have covered some of the best baseball cleats for wide feet to simplify your search. Understanding your feet’ requirements can have a significant impact as you invest in baseball cleats.

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