5 Best Baseball Cleats for Turf in 2020

When you are considering the cleats you want to buy, one of the main considerations is whether you are using them during a game or training session – which is where turf types come in. it is important to always look for the best ones though, and in this review we look at the best baseball cleats for turf surfaces.

Turf shoes are always used in training sessions, as they give you the extra stability and comfort you require on the field without using too much traction. The shoes are also versatile enough to wear as casual on-field shoes, unlike normal cleats. The reason is because cleats will have a tendency to wear down when you are using them on hard ground, which beats the purpose of them being useful in a game setting.

In order to know the best baseball cleats for turf that are in the market today, it is always important to know what turf shoes are and what makes them so different.

Comparison table

Shoe brand
Weight (oz.)
Shoe material
Type of shoe
Check price on Amazon
New Balance 3000v3
Mid top
New Balance T4040v4
Mid top
Mizuno Men’s Players shoe
Low top
Under Armour Men’s Ultimate shoe
Synthetic leather
Low top
New Balance T500 low shoe
Low top

New Balance 3000v3 turf shoes

New Balance has been around for more than three decades, and their primary aim is assisting athletes to achieve their goals – performing well in their game of choice. This is reflected in this shoe, as it helps you to achieve the best results even as you train for your next baseball game.

New Balance has been around for more than three decades, and their primary aim is assisting athletes to achieve their goals – performing well in their game of choice. This is reflected in this shoe, as it helps you to achieve the best results even as you train for your next baseball game.


  • Synthetic and textile (100%)
  • Debris free construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Revlite midsole

The shoe features a combination of synthetic and textile material in its construction, and you can get it in nine different colors for your convenience. The variety in sizes and colors is a major plus, since there are numerous brands of baseball shoes that fail to offer the same variety in choice.

It also has a nice toe guard that will protect the front area of your foot, in order to prevent injuries or stabbing when your foot meets rough surfaces. Revlite cushioning makes up the midsole, which ensures that your arch remains comfortable at all times, regardless of whether you have a high arch or not.

The size variety present here makes this shoe a great choice for younger players as well, since you can find one that is suitable for them and allows them to upgrade as they progress to larger cleats.

  • Comfortable to wear and use
  • It fits well
  • Affordable
  • Has excellent traction and stability
  • You can get it in a variety of styles
  • Good cushioning
  • Sole and rubber tips have a tendency to fall off at times


In terms of the pricing, this is a good option because they are still affordable while retaining their high quality attributes. It might even be a better option if the young player’s foot has stopped growing, since you will get the most out of your money for a longer time.

New Balance T4040v4

Like all the other New Balance shoes, the T4040v4 is meant to give plenty of stability and superior levels of comfort, which eventually result in a consistent feel for turf surfaces.


  • Rubber sole
  • 100% synthetic material
  • No-sew application of material
  • Revlite midsole
  • Removable inserts
  • Mid-top shaft measurement from the arch

The shoe gives you a perfect chance to step out in confidence when you are heading to your next training session. The shoe is ideal for a variety of surfaces, regardless of whether it is out in the field or in the gym.

The shoe is 100% synthetic material, which gives it a lightweight feel, and the upper is made up of mesh that gives both support and breathability. The outsole, on the other hand, is great at giving flexibility throughout your game, although you will have to contend with insufficient support issues in case you have flat feet or issues with your arch. It is worth noting that the outsole is made from new super nubby rubber, which also does a fine job at mimicking the arrangement of spikes in original cleats.

Revlite comprises the midsole, like most New Balance athletic shoes, which gives improved responsiveness and comfort. This will ultimately help you to enjoy your game even more, and the full-length design, which goes a long way in helping to reduce the pressure in your foot during play.

  • Very stylish and attractive design
  • Sole performs well and is quite durable
  • Quite comfortable
  • It does not offer as much support as other options
  • Does not have water resistance


This shoe is very well made and fits turf environments very well due to its good design and strong platform.

Mizuno Men’s Player’s baseball shoe

Since the mid-90s, Mizuno has taken great pride in creating great sports gear that serves as a worthwhile tool, regardless of the specific game you play. In particular, the Men’s Player baseball shoe caters to baseball turf surfaces, thanks to the continuous research and development that goes to improving present and future models.


  • Full length midsole
  • 100% synthetic/fabric
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Booty construction
  • U4IC forefoot cushioning

The shoe is made up of a combination of fabric and synthetic materials, which give it a lightweight feel. The sole is great for turfs, especially artificial ones, because the material is mainly rubber – in addition to working well on infield play. On the other hand, the collar and padded tongue make the most of comfort and security, which prevents the chances of injury from foot rolling or sprains while keeping you stable.

It also includes plenty of forefoot cushioning material, which makes you feel as though you are wearing sneakers – giving you a feeling of comfort. What makes it stand out though, is the outsole and two-tone upper, which are both designed for movements specific to baseball.

  • Breathability is among the best rated
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • The insoles do not have as much support
  • It does not give as much support to the ankles


This shoe will go a long way to providing support, although you should avoid it if you have problems with your heel support or if you experience heel pain, as it does not offer sufficient cushioning in these cases.

Under Armour Men’s Ultimate baseball shoe

This shoe is a good combination of stability, power and comfort during a game, as it seeks to provide you with all these criteria.


  • Synthetic leather material
  • Micro G midsole
  • Platform measuring about 0.85 inches
  • Rubber outsole, non-marking design
  • Low-top arch shaft

The shoe has a rubber sole for flexibility, and it is lightweight due to the use of synthetic materials in its construction. The shoe is of a low-top type, which means that it will give you maximum mobility when you wear it on the field, and the design will also make it versatile enough to wear outside the baseball field.

The combination of mesh and synthetic leather is the reason behind the shoe being immensely comfortable and breathable, and it retains a great feel and fit.

The insole is made up of SuperFoam material, which is a high rebound material that makes the shoe have high shock absorption abilities. This is also why it is among the most comfortable choices in the market.

In addition, the Micro-G midsole are responsible for providing comfort and stability. The material is ultra-responsive, lightweight, and performs well in a low-to-the-ground situation, so you remain light even in the course of running around.

  • Affordable buy
  • Very light and comfortable
  • Great feel and fits well
  • The sizing can run larger than expected
  • The toe area might be narrow


This is a good shoe for people on a budget, although you will need to be careful about the sizing as it can sometimes run too big or narrow.

New Balance T500 low shoe

Another shoe from New Balance, this is another option you can pick from their collection. The reason why they are so prominent is because their revenues go into development and research, and their products are designed to fit the requirements of every athlete.


  • 100% synthetic and textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Midsole made up of Revlite, and Fantom fit
  • Lightweight low cut
  • Full-length XLT foot bed

The combination of synthetic and textile materials make this shoe lightweight and easy to maintain, and the Revlite midsole will give you great levels of comfort while wearing them. The rubber sole provides traction, although this is not as good as other baseball turf shoes. If you have an issue with stability on the field, it is better to go for alternatives.

The shoe is lightweight thanks to the Fantom Fit technology in use here, while it also retains high breathability to avoid trapping of moisture and sweat.

The low-cut aspect helps you to achieve maximum mobility, making it a good choice for pitchers, and the full-length XLT foot bed also adds comfort to the design.

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Good build and durable
  • Good quality for the price
  • Comfortable
  • Shoes tend to be narrow (so will not suit wide feet)
  • Traction is low


This is a good option if you have narrow feet, but you will struggle with it if you have wide feet – because they can run narrow, especially in the toe area.

What are turf cleats and why are they important?

These might have a very similar look to soccer cleats and other cleats used in baseball, but they have significant differences when it comes to their purposes and functions. This is the reason why they are not common in the field, unless you are using them for practice sessions. Chances are also high that you might not know that they are needed for practice, especially when you are new to the game.

As mentioned earlier, they are shoes that you will use primarily in baseball training sessions, and they come in two style variations: low top and mid top. They also provide plenty of comfort, as they combine durability and a lightweight nature – in fact, you will soon discover they are some of the most comfortable shoe options to wear when going out in the field.

They have disadvantages though – even though they will give you great levels of comfort and stability, they will not perform as well as metal cleats, which are more common during games. The normal cleats are also more versatile in terms of their traction compared to turf cleats, because they are more capable of having a good grip even on muddy grounds.

What are the differences between turf and normal cleats?

For many people, cleats and turf shoes have significant, observable differences. However, you will still find some using turf shoes when they go for a field game, even though these are only for practice sessions most of the time.

This makes it good to know the differences between the two, which include:

Physical features

A normal cleat shoe will come in two varieties – high top or low top, and their bottom is the main standout feature. The usual name you will hear them being referred to is ‘studs’, as the sole contains protrusions that number between 8 and 15. The studs themselves have a length of about half an inch.

On the other hand, turf shoes will not have a series of studs on the sole. Instead, these studs will have very small spacing, and are usually rounded instead of pointed. They do have a distinct advantage over normal cleats though – they are more comfortable, because they will only come in a mid-top or low top style.


The reason behind normal cleats having a series of studs that are 0.5 inches long is because of traction – they need to protect your feet in wet and muddy areas and give as much traction as possible. The security is also a major concern they must fulfill, since a high-top shoe will offer greater protection. On the other hand, a low-top cleat shoe will give plenty of mobility, but there is a high risk of injury – which is why they are always used for pitchers.

Turf shoes, however, are primarily meant to offer support on artificial grass surfaces, and they will not prevent cases of slipping on a muddy or wet field.

What to consider

  • Fit – this is among the most important considerations to think of. The best shoe for you will always be snug, yet still retain some room in the toe box (enough to remain comfortable even when your feet expand throughout the day). As a bonus, remember to try them on when you are wearing your practice socks before making a purchase, and this will help you make a better decision on the best fit for you.
  • Height – many turf cleats have a low top design, which is good if you want extra maneuverability, while the mid top options are best for those who want ankle support.
  • Label – all turf shoes will have an obvious label that indicates they are to be used on artificial grass. Avoid purchasing sneakers, even those with rubber nubs, because they still lack the specific qualities that you need in a turf shoe.
  • Slip factor – after narrowing down your choices, you should take a look at the bottom of the shoe and see whether the grip is too little or too much for you. Instead of sharp studs, turf shoes will have rubber nubs, so you will not have too much trouble identifying the right pick. The best shoe will give you a good level of traction, but still offer some slip, especially on the artificial grass surface.

Other factors to check are:

The thickness of the sole support

You need to decide whether the thickness of the tarsus (the part of the cleats that supports your ankles) that is satisfactory to you. There are three types of this:

  • The low tops – these are the best in terms of speed, but have low stability.
  • The mid tops – soles with a medium thickness, and can help you make faster movements easily. These are the best cleats for pitchers as well.

Construction and materials

  • Original leather – when you think of original leather, you are likely thinking of its durability, which means that it will be more expensive. However, the benefits are enormous, such as being more breathable, durable, and flexible.
  • Synthetic leather – this is made from different polymers, which include PVC, polyester, polyurethane, and so on. They tend to be less expensive, and might be less durable compared to original leather ones (unless you go the extra mile to maintain and take care of them).

Final thoughts

When you are deciding on the best baseball shoes for turf surfaces, not all the criteria for normal cleats will apply – but it helps to check on several aspects before making a decision. Hopefully, this list will help you to make the best choice and work with a shoe that brings out your best performance during training.

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