5 Best Baseball Cleats for Heel Pain in 2020

When it comes to common foot problems, heel pains are some of the most prevalent ailments. It also makes them quite the annoying problem to deal with because they make daily life a hassle – even when it comes to a task like choosing baseball cleats.

There are many solutions that are available for heel pains, but the most popular method of solving them is through using a good shoe that gives sufficient cushioning. This makes it more comfortable to wear and continue playing your game without struggling with pain. All shoe manufacturers know that this is a common issue, and many are creating shoes that provide as much support as possible, while including ergonomic designs.

Does that necessarily mean that you can find a pair of cleats that are specifically made for players with flat feet? Unfortunately, the answer is no – there are no standard shoes that can handle heel pain. However, you will notice that this list will give you suggestions for the best cleats, as well as combining it with other techniques that will help to reduce heel pain in the long term.

Comparison table

Material of cleats
Weight (ounces)
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New Balance 3000v4
Under Armour Men’s Deception DT
New Balance L4040v3
New Balance L3000v3
Adidas Performance Wheelhouse 2

New Balance Men’s 3000v4

This shoe aims to take the comfort you experience during the game to new levels, especially on the turf. It gives you an introduction to the soft nature of fresh foam lining, which is among its standout features as well.


  • Fresh foam comfort midsole, full length
  • Mesh and synthetic upper
  • Ultra heel to add heel comfort
  • Lace cage tongue, for tucking away the laces
  • Custom-like fitting
  • TPU molding of cleats

As many think of it as a ‘running shoe that happens to have spikes’, the 3000v4 baseball cleat aims for a more comfortable experience through the use of fresh foam to fit your foot snugly. It also includes a variety of innovative materials, which enhance protection, breathability and support.

The Fresh foam material gives the shoe a versatile feel even when you use it on grass surfaces. The outsole itself is made from new super nubby rubber, which also does a fine job at mimicking the arrangement of spikes in original cleats.

The midsole comes in a full-length design, which goes a long way in helping to reduce the pressure in your foot during play, while your heel and ankles remain protected due to the soft foam wrapping around them. The laces of your shoe will remain tucked away thanks to the lace cage tongue, while you can get the shoe in a variety of colors and designs to compliment your uniform.

The support here is also a good choice, as the TPU mesh upper will give it a stretchable flexibility, as well as plenty of locked-in security and structure. The only disadvantage is that it will need some time for it to become comfortable to wear, as there is a specific time needed for break-in.

  • Really good for players with wide feet
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Give plenty of comfort and support
  • Easy to use, even in turf surfaces
  • Needs some time to break in
  • Does not have plenty of size options


This shoe is very well made and fits turf environments very well due to its good design and strong platform. It therefore has the potential to last many seasons, as long as you maintain it well.

Under Armour Men’s Deception Low DT Metal cleats

The main mission of this company is to make every athlete perform at their best through continuous innovation and improvement of designs. The same principle also extends to this shoe, with the main standout feature being the insole.


  • Combines synthetic and textile material
  • Synthetic soles
  • From arch, measurement of shaft is low-top
  • ClutchFit wraps the ankles to provide maximum support and feel
  • Rotational technology to increase power and acceleration
  • 4D foam insole for customized fit
  • Micro G cushioning to promote comfort and stability

Thanks to the shoe employing an approach of combining synthetic and textile material, the shoes are incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear on the field. The fit is also customizable and fits your foot very well due to the 4D Foam insole, which locks in around your sole.

There are various aspects that make the shoe’s cushioning as one of the best you will find. One is the Micro G cushioning, which gives an ultra-responsive and lightness to the shoe, which aids in better comfort levels and stability. As you are likely familiar with, finding a good pair of cleats when you have foot and heel pain is not easy, since many shoes become uncomfortable when you are running, walking or standing in them after a while – but these go a long way to preventing that feeling.

The rotational capability is quite high because of the traction technology. The studs are made from molded metal, which give extra explosiveness during movement, and which can cut through all surface regardless of how long you are wearing them. The shoes will remain with their lightweight feel throughout, which is perfect for reducing pain after and during your games.

There are additional aspects such as the toe protection box that adds durability, and you can also acquire the shoe in different widths to cater for cases of wide or narrow feet. These advantages make it a good pick for outfielders as well.

  • Lightweight and cut through very well
  • Fit as expected
  • Plenty of ankle support
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Value for money
  • None noted so far


These shoes come in a great design, but the best part is that they offer your heels plenty of support as needed. Their build also ensures that they last for a long time, and will work well for any player that is looking for good cleats.

New Balance Men’s L4040V3 cleats

This is among the best picks for pitchers and outfielders alike, and gives the most value for your money. The company itself has been around for many years, and remains committed to producing products of high quality that satisfy the needs of players on the field.


  • Synthetic material
  • Drive Zone foot in the toe
  • Underfoot Drive Zone in the forefoot
  • FantomFit upper and heel cushioning
  • Revlite foam midsole

Comprised of 100% synthetic leather, the shoe and cleats both have maximum comfort levels and increased flexibility. The upper is also quite comfortable, as it features FantomFit that is very supportive and lightweight. The sole, on the other hand, is comprised of Revlite material, and further improved through an insert that has a drive zone at the forefoot center.

Comfort is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of a baseball shoe. The Drive Zone will take the pressure when you are running during playtime, and the synthetic sole protects your foot from possible injuries.

In addition, the debris-free nature will prevent materials, such as sand, from sticking to the cleats or getting into the shoe. The cleats are supportive enough to give you the traction you need when you are playing, while the padded collar and toe protection area will give extra comfort and reliability.

  • Affordable price and value for money
  • Extra protection in the toe
  • Debris-free thick tongue
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • The size can run slightly bigger


The New Balance Men’s L4040V3 cleats is created with a design that makes it perfect for almost any terrain. the extra features like toe protection and durability give you the leverage to perform at your best whle on the field.

New Balance Men’s L3000v3

It is not a surprise to see New Balance on the list – the major aim of the company is ensuring that their shoes assist you to achieve your goals on the sports field. If you are looking for a pair of cleats that are comprised of metal, these are among your best bets.


  • Debris free construction
  • 100% combination of synthetic and textile material
  • Synthetic sole and Revlite midsole
  • Comfort collar
  • Fantom fitting
  • Toe protection
  • 8-spike configuration

The design of the shoe itself is not only among the best, but it is also well thought out. The company designs the shoe cleats from the previous research they had put into it, with the aim of creating a standard baseball shoe.

The shoe is entirely mad from 100% synthetic and textile materials, which ensure that it can endure various kinds of surfaces that you will play on. The upper is comprised of mesh, which is breathable and does not trap moisture from sweat – which also means you will head home with less stinky socks. In addition, the debris-free construction ensures that you will not have materials and dirt sticking on the cleats.

You can wear them comfortably on any terrain type, thanks to the 8-spike configuration of the cleats, and this will increase your stability, which allows you to run at optimum speeds without the risk of injury.

There are additional aspects such as the toe protection box that adds durability, and you can also acquire the shoe in different widths to cater for cases of wide or narrow feet. These advantages make it a good pick for outfielders as well.

  • Durable and very lightweight
  • Very good design for avoiding injuries
  • Comfortable and form-fitting
  • Certain sizes run too big
  • The 2E tends to be narrow for certain feet


Many baseball players struggle to find good cleats that can handle the pressure of the field, especially if they have wide feet – but this can be a good compromise. In addition, the metal cleats are great for adding durability and ensuring it serves you well for a long time to come.

Adidas Performance Men’s Wheelhouse 2 baseball cleats

Through the combination of modern technological improvements in baseball shoes as well as the use of premium materials, the Adidas brand is among the shoe cleats that are worth a try for your next game.


  • Molded rubber outsoles
  • Synthetic sole
  • EVA insole and lightweight midsoles

The entire shoe is lightweight and comfortable, though this is most evident in the upper of the shoe. In addition, the outsoles are comprised of molded rubber, which also means that they remain tough and long lasting throughout your gaming sessions.

The outsoles have an ergonomic design, even with their cleats patterns. These will sustain long practice and game sessions, even if you are not participating in an entire session of a game actively. The strategic placement of cleats and improved cushioning will also give you high levels of traction, both in the bases and the field, which helps you perform at your best.

The upper also features overlays, which will give better levels of support through reinforcing the strength of the shoe, which the tongue includes significant cushioning to prevent your foot from rolling in or slipping out. Just ensure that you order half a size larger, as they might not fit true to size (especially if you have wide feet).

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and great design
  • The design of the cleats is very supportive
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Tend to run narrow


These are great for the price tag, although they will tend to run narrow. They also look good and are a durable choice, while the double EVA layer makes it comfortable enough for you if you have heel pains.

What are some of the causes of heel pain?

There are various reasons why heel pain is a common issue, but plantar fasciitis is the most common cause. It can also be due to conditions such as tendonitis, Sever’s Disease and arthritis, as well as other causes such as nerve irritation and stress fractures.

Plantar fasciitis

This is a condition that involves inflammation of the plantar fascia due to overstretching or overloading, which is a fibrous tissue that supports the arch and is located on the sole of your foot. The inflammation leads to tears in the fibers of the fascia, particularly where it meets your heel bones.

The condition can develop in anyone, but it is most prevalent in people that participate in stair climbing or aerobic activity, obese individuals, pregnant women, people with diabetes, volleyball players, and runners. It can also develop when you push large appliances or furniture, or when your shoes are poorly constructed and do not offer sufficient levels of support.

For an athlete, the condition might develop as a result of intense levels of training, such as in runners when they are training for long distance races. If you have flat feet, you are at a higher risk of developing the condition as well.

Development of heel spur

This is an abnormal growth of bone tissue, and affects the area where the heel bone and plantar fascia meet. The main cause is long term strain on the foot muscles and the plantar fascia, frequently a problem for joggers, runners or obese people. If you wear poorly constructed shoes, they can also lead to a similar problem.

Achilles tendonitis

This is inflammation of the Achilles tendon, which happens due to overuse – especially if you jump frequently, such as in numerous sports. In addition, poorly fitting shoes can also cause it, especially if the upper back part of the shoe digs into the tendon.

Local bruises

Any heel bruises can cause pain, just like bruises on other body parts. The signs can also include a black-and-blue discoloration of the skin, mild swelling, or soreness.

Trapped nerves

This can cause tingling, numbness or pain anywhere within the undersurface, inside, or back of the heel. There are other symptoms that accompany this as well, such as discoloration or swelling, especially if the trapping of the nerve was due to an injury, sprain, or fracture.

What to do to reduce heel pain

The first thing to do when you first experience heel pain is trying out some home remedies, and going to see your doctor in case things do not get better within two to three weeks. However, there are cases when you should seek medical help immediately, and these instances are:

  • You feel sudden sharp pain in your foot or heels
  • Your heels show redness or swelling
  • When the pain is too severe to walk or stand

It might be an impossible feat to prevent heel pain from happening in all cases, but there are some steps you can do to reduce the chances of injuring the heel. These are:

  • Wearing shoes that support your foot properly
  • Maintaining a healthy diet (since obesity has a strong link to heel pain)
  • Pacing yourself during physical activities (including sports and baseball games)
  • Wearing the correct shoes when you are doing physical activities
  • Stretching your muscles before exercising
  • Maintenance of a healthy weight limit
  • Resting when your muscles are aching or you feel tired
  • Always trying on your cleats prior to your game, for at least two days before. This is because they must be broken in before you use them in a competitive setting, as well as helping you monitor any injuries you might get in the early stages of using them.

Final thoughts

Getting a pair of baseball cleats for your game when you have heel pain is not an easy feat, but it can become easier when you know what to look for – cleats that promise you unlimited support even when you wear them for long hours.

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