5 Best Baseball Cleats for Ankle Support in 2020

While baseball is not exactly the definition of a contact sport, it does have plenty of very quick movements and sprinting, which you need to always factor in when you are selecting your baseball cleats for ankle support.

The major focus on getting the best options for your cleats is buying something that will improve your game and protect your feet for as long as you use them.

However choosing a good pair might be confusing, especially if you have never done it before – fortunately, we have done the hard work for you and narrowed it to several choices that you can check out the next time you go shopping for cleats, as well as some basic guidelines to use.

Comparison table

Shoe brand/model
Type of cleats
Sole support
Price on Amazon
Under Armour Harper 2 RM
Mid top
12.7 oz.
Under Armour Lead off Mid RM
Mid & Low top
13 oz.
New Balance 3000v4
Low top
12.6 oz.
Adidas Adizero Afterburner V
Low top
12.5 oz.
New Balance L3000v3
Low top
12.5 oz.

Under Armour Men’s Harper 2 RM shoe

This shoe aims to offer you maximum support and comfort through its inclusion of metallic cleats.


  • Synthetic material
  • Adjustable ankle strap to stabilize your foot
  • EVA full-length midsole
  • Molded synthetic upper for good fit and comfort
  • Rubber molded cleats for durability

The soles are made from synthetic rubber hat has TPU coating on the heel, and this helps to improve its durability rating. Note though, that synthetic rubber might not be as durable compared to natural leather, but they will go a long way to improve the support and stability that you need from a sports shoe.

The fit is very good and molds easily to your foot, thanks to the synthetic upper, and it is also well-ventilated for extra breathability. The midsole, comprised of EVA lining, will distribute the pressure from your foot evenly throughout the shoe and ensure you remain comfortable.

In addition, ankle straps are included, which you can adjust easily according to your preference. They will also give your foot a ‘lock in’ fit to ensure you remain stable and do not run the risk of getting sprains or other injuries.

On the other hand, the configuration of the spikes is in a 3-3-4 pattern, which alternates between molded rubber and metallic cleats to increase stability, acceleration, comfort and remaining lightweight.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Has a good grip
  • Molded cleats give you extra comfort
  • Provides good levels of ankle support
  • Lightweight
  • Extra padded insole
  • The Velcro strap is not long enough
  • The ankle area does not have enough loopholes


This shoe is a good combination of stability, power and comfort during a game, as it seeks to provide you with all these criteria, even though it might not seem as durable as original leather. You will get very good ankle support from these cleats.

Under Armour Men’s Leadoff Mid RM shoe

This is a favorite of many people in the game, and Under Armour continues to show their commitment to creating great products through this shoe.You can also choose their low-top designs, but it is among the best versatile picks you can get.


  • Full-length EVA midsole
  • Synthetic/patent leather
  • Mesh tongue to add breathability
  • Rubber molded cleats and synthetic sole
  • Synthetic leather upper

The shoe is comprised of high quality synthetic leather, which also happens to be patented, and has a thick rubber sole that is around the mid part of the shoe to offer as much shock absorption as possible and allow you to play at your best.

The cleats are in molded form, and have a mid-top design. This provides plenty of balance between support and speed, which is something that will be important to you aside from the shoes giving you plenty of support.

In addition, the shoes are also comfortable to wear and durable. For instance, their mesh tongue adds breathability, which ensures you stay comfortable while playing on the field, and they will not trap sweat that will make them stink after a game.

There is also the midsole cushioning, which provides you with extra comfort and acts as an added shock absorber.

They are quite lightweight, considering that they carry all these features, coming at 13 oz.

They will prioritize your protection, as they have a layer around the front part of the shoe that keeps your feet safe, though they will need to break in after a few sessions (so avoid wearing them for the first time when you are playing in a game).

  • Very comfortable to wear, even for younger players
  • Have plenty of room in the toe box
  • Good levels of padding and cushioning
  • Affordable
  • Very good levels of traction
  • They tend to run narrow (so it is best to order half a size or a whole size bigger)


This is a good bargain for the price, although keep in mind that you will need to buy half a size bigger if you have wide feet. Other than that, the shoe is affordable, and has plenty of useful aspects that will keep you comfortable on the field.

New Balance Men’s 3000v4

This shoe aims to take the comfort you experience during the game to new levels, especially on the turf and training sessions. It gives you an introduction to the soft nature of fresh foam lining, which is among its standout features as well.


  • Fresh foam comfort midsole, full length
  • Mesh and synthetic upper
  • Ultra heel to add heel comfort
  • Lace cage tongue, for tucking away the laces
  • Custom-like fitting
  • TPU molding of cleats

As many think of it as a ‘running shoe that happens to have spikes’, the 3000v4 baseball cleat aims for a more comfortable experience through the use of fresh foam to fit your foot snugly. It also includes a variety of innovative materials, which enhance protection, breathability and support.

The Fresh foam material gives the shoe a versatile feel even when you use it on grass surfaces. The outsole itself is made from new super nubby rubber, which also does a fine job at mimicking the arrangement of spikes in original cleats.

The midsole comes in a full-length design, which goes a long way in helping to reduce the pressure in your foot during play, while your heel and ankles remain protected due to the soft foam wrapping around them. The laces of your shoe will remain tucked away thanks to the lace cage tongue, while you can get the shoe in a variety of colors and designs to compliment your uniform,

The support here is also a good choice, as the TPU mesh upper will give it a stretchable flexibility, as well as plenty of locked-in security and structure. The only disadvantage is that it will need some time for it to become comfortable to wear, as there is a specific time needed for break-in.

  • Really good for players with wide feet
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Give plenty of comfort and support
  • Easy to use, even in turf surfaces
  • Needs some time to break in
  • Does not have plenty of size options


This shoe is very well made and fits turf environments very well due to its good design and strong platform. It therefore has the potential to last many seasons, as long as you maintain it well.

Adidas Adizero Afterburner V Men’s shoe

You will normally associate Adidas with soccer equipment, but they are also spreading their wings to baseball and other sports. This cleat has some similarities to soccer cleats as well, and its structure and design allows it to work well for runners.


  • Synthetic and textile material
  • Sprintskin upper, which reduces the weight and gives high levels of support
  • Synthetic sole
  • Low-top
  • Ironskin toe cap for extra protection
  • Sprintframe plate with the external heel

The shoe is made from a combination of textile and synthetic materials, while the sole is synthetic. However, what makes it stand out from the rest is its upper, which has a sprintskin design. This incorporates a revolutionary laminated package, and this has the role of boosting support on your feet in addition to reducing the weight of the shoe significantly.

The design of the shoe is in a low top, which goes a long way to increasing your speed in a game. In addition, the ironskin toe cap on the front part of the shoes will give resistance to the toe area and prevent injuries. The midsole part is lightweight as well, since it incorporates Litestrike EVA material that happens to be lighter compared to other midsoles.

To increase the comfort you get from wearing them, the shoe has a sock-like design. The only downside of the shoe is its tendency to run narrow for wide-footed players, so take note of this and order a size up to take care of the issue.

  • Tight fit that provides stability
  • Good levels of traction and speed
  • Lightweight
  • Protects your toe box as well
  • Not the most comfortable option
  • Runs narrow


This is a good option for a narrow footed player, as well as infield players that require plenty of speed while still maintaining a high amount of support.

New Balance Men’s L3000v3

It is not a surprise to see New Balance on the list – the major aim of the company is ensuring that their shoes assist you to achieve your goals on the sports field. If you are looking for a pair of cleats that are comprised of metal, these are among your best bets.


  • Debris free construction
  • 100% combination of synthetic and textile material
  • Synthetic sole and Revlite midsole
  • Comfort collar
  • Fantom fitting
  • Toe protection
  • 8-spike configuration

The design of the shoe itself is not only among the best, but it is also well thought out. The company designs the shoe cleats from the previous research they had put into it, with the aim of creating a standard baseball shoe.

The shoe is entirely mad from 100% synthetic and textile materials, which ensure that it can endure various kinds of surfaces that you will play on. The upper is comprised of mesh, which is breathable and does not trap moisture from sweat – which also means you will head home with less stinky socks. In addition, the debris-free construction ensures that you will not have materials and dirt sticking on the cleats.

There are additional aspects such as the toe protection box that adds durability, and you can also acquire the shoe in different widths to cater for cases of wide or narrow feet. These advantages make it a good pick for outfielders as well.

You can wear them comfortably on any terrain type, thanks to the 8-spike configuration of the cleats, and this will increase your stability, which allows you to run at optimum speeds without the risk of injury.

  • Durable and very lightweight
  • Very good design for avoiding injuries
  • Comfortable and form-fitting
  • Certain sizes run too big
  • The 2E tends to be narrow for certain feet


Many baseball players struggle to find good cleats that can handle the pressure of the field, especially if they have wide feet – but this can be a good compromise. In addition, the metal cleats are great for adding durability and ensuring it serves you well for a long time to come.

What to consider when purchasing these shoes for ankle support

When purchasing these cleats for your next baseball game, ankle support is a major factor to consider because of the nature of the game itself. Because baseball requires plenty of sprints and lateral movements, there is a high risk of injury when you are a player, especially for your ankles.

To purchase the best options, here are some important factors to consider.

The thickness of the sole support

You need to decide whether the thickness of the tarsus (the part of the cleats that supports your ankles) that is satisfactory to you. There are three types of this:

  • The low tops – these are the best in terms of speed, but have low stability.
  • The mid tops – soles with a medium thickness, and can help you make faster movements easily. These are the best cleats for pitchers as well.
  • The high tops – the thickest types of cleats. They make the ankles extend upwards, and give plenty of extra support when you make lateral movements and reduce injuries, although they can cause issues when you run forward.

The types of cleats

  • Metal – these are very popular due to being lightweight, but they also have a high risk of injury (which makes them banned in amateur and youth leagues).
  • Molded – are the most durable option, and give extra protection when running or sliding.
  • Turf – they are great for practicing sessions, but they do not have much grip so they cannot be used in a game.

Other factors to keep in mind are:

Construction and materials

The production of baseball cleats is a tough process that involves more than machines making them. In numerous instances during the process, the factory worker will have to make isolated parts in the cleat using their own hands, such as drawing out the patterns, while the machines will take over some of the work. That is exactly why cleats will never come too cheap; the work involved to create them is very extensive, so you should not use price as a factor if you want the best.

Good quality cleats are always made with care, because the manufacturers always know that cleats will influence much of your game. There are two types of materials that are mainly used in baseball cleats, and they are:

  • Original leather – when you think of original leather, you are likely thinking of its durability, which means that it will be more expensive. However, the benefits are enormous, such as being more breathable, durable, and flexible.
  • Synthetic leather – this is made from different polymers, which include PVC, polyester, polyurethane, and so on. They tend to be less expensive, and might be less durable compared to original leather ones (unless you go the extra mile to maintain and take care of them).

Tips to help you reduce the chances of injuries

  • Resting when your muscles are aching or you feel tired
  • Always trying on your cleats prior to your game, for at least two days before. This is because they must be broken in before you use them in a competitive setting, as well as helping you monitor any injuries you might get in the early stages of using them.
  • Pacing yourself during physical activities (including sports and baseball games)
  • Wearing the correct shoes when you are doing physical activities
  • Stretching your muscles before exercising

Final thoughts

The purchase you make for your baseball cleats will all come down to your own preferences, as well as what you want to accomplish in your game. There are numerous good choices to make, but the molded cleat shoe types seem to work the best when it comes to providing you with ankle support.

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