5 Best Baseball Bats for 10 year old in 2020

While buying baseball equipment is great to help you play at your best, it can be quite confusing getting one for a young baseball player – especially if they haven’t reached their teen years yet and are starting to get into the game. Since there are so many manufacturers making these bats and other equipment, it is challenging to get a consensus and get quality that is above and beyond the expectations you might have.

In this article though, we will look into the best baseball bats you can get for your 10-year old player, which still prioritize safety and functionality.

Comparison table

Brand of baseball bat
Barrel diameter (inches)
Length to Weight ratio
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Louisville Slugger Omaha BBCOR bat
2 5/8
3 lbs.
Easton Mako Comp baseball bat
2 ¾
1.4 lbs.
DeMartini Voodoo senior league bat
2 5/8
5 lbs.
DeMartini Uprising Fastpitch bats
2 ¼
Easton USA Ghost X Youth bat
2 5/8
2 lbs.

Louisville Slugger Omaha BBCOR

When it comes to the issue of popular baseball bats, it is easy to notice that Louisville Slugger clearly stands out from much of their competition, honed by years of experience in manufacturing baseball equipment. This specific model lays emphasis on improving the performance of a young baseball player, both off and on the pitch.


  • Barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches
  • Length to Weight ratio of -3
  • Stiffer feel when getting into contact with the ball due to the use of ST 7U1+ alloy
  • Premium performance gripping from the customized Lizard Skin
  • New vibration dampened handle to reduce negative vibration
  • Certified by BBCOR and NCAA
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty
  • Colors – black, red, gray

The barrel size of the bat is 2 5/8 inches, and the drop weight is -3. Its size will maximize the chances of getting a sweet spot for hitting, and you will reduce the misses you have; making it great when teaching a young player to hit the ball accurately. On the other hand, the drop weight make it sufficiently lighter compared to most baseball bats you will find in the market or young players.

The bat itself is made from very strong alloy, making it have a stiff and more traditional feel. In addition, there is an added extended cap, and this will help to increase the barrel length while also helping it to maintain its correct weight distribution and balance.

  • Certified for playing in the United States
  • The manufacturer warranty is quite long
  • A lot of pop
  • Comfortable gripping
  • It can tend to feel a bit heavy at times


This bat is great for power hitters, but not so much for players who get plenty of foul balls – in cases like that, it is better to get a two-piece bat.

Easton Mako Comp bat

The Mako Comp model is a part of the premium bat series from the company, and its performance is very similar to that of premium baseball bats.


  • Use of TCT Thermo Composite Technology to give unmatched bat speed and a big sweet spot
  • Ultra-thin design of 29/32 inches
  • Drop weight of -10 and barrel diameter of 2¾ inches
  • Utilizes patented two-piece ConneXion technology to improve transfer of energy
  • Meets the standards of 1.15 BPF

The barrel diameter is quite large compared to all the other bats on this list, coming in at 2.75 inches – but this also gives it quite the expansive sweet spot that improves the performance of the player. Therefore, it is a bat that will serve your young player for many years as they strengthen their game over time.

It is not too heavy to handle either, since the drop weight is -10. Thanks to the barrel that is in a large size, there is plenty of balance you will notice, and the bat will not slip from the hands as the player handles it. In addition, this is enhanced further through the use of Thermo Composite technology.

There is also the Hyperskin gripping that the handle has – this will ensure the bat remains securely in the hands of the player even when they sweat, and also gives them a better grip. The barrel and handle remain separate thanks to the 2X connection technology, and this will also reduce the vibrations that happen when the player strikes the ball.

Note: make sure you check with your local league before purchasing the bat, since it does not have the new stamp of the USA on it.

  • The bat design is aesthetically pleasing
  • It goes a long way to improve the performance of the player
  • Less vibration due to the two-piece construction
  • Can be quite expensive for some people


This is probably the best choice on this list when it comes to overall performance, and it is guaranteed to serve well for a long time.

DeMartini Voodoo senior league bat

When you are in the midst of choosing a good baseball bat, you are likely to come across the DeMartini brand among many of the options. This particular model is among the newer ones, and the features will impress you since it is an improvement from previous models.


  • More accurate and efficient weight distribution due to the use of X14 alloy
  • Approved for use in the USA
  • Greater feel and weight control due to the use of a 3Fusion handle
  • Barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches
  • Balance in swing weight
  • Drop weight of -10
  • Two piece construction

The bat itself is a hybrid type, and features a two-piece construction style. The alloy in use reduces its weight and improves the feel.

Its barrel size is 2 5/8 inches (a common diameter for youth baseball bats) and the drop weight is -10. The alloy is X14, and this increases the flexibility of the bat, so that end performance is improved. In addition, there is significant incorporation of the 3Fusion System technology, which goes a long way to reduce the weight of the bat, streamline it, and increase the speed of the swing.

  • The warranty lasts 12 months
  • Certified for use in the USA leagues
  • Has plenty of pop and very comfortable
  • It is too front-loaded
  • Has a lot of vibration despite the use of the 3Fusion technology


This is a good choice for players who are in junior high, as well as those developing their ball career. It will also hold up well to playing in USA leagues, and meet plenty of your player’s needs.

DeMartini Uprising Fastpitch baseball bat

Similar to all other bat collections from the DeMartini Company, the Uprising bat is a major part of the best offerings from the company, and is great for kids between the ages of 8 and 15. It is also considered as an upgrade of the bat model from 2016.


  • Good for kids between the ages of 8 and 15
  • DX1 Alloy barrel type
  • Weight drop of -12
  • Hybrid performance grip
  • Barrel diameter of 2¼

The drop weight is -12, and this is why the bat tends to feel light and comfortable even when your young player uses it for hours. The swing speed is also good, especially due to the use of the alloy material that gives them a unique feel. In fact, the handle is also comprised of alloy material, which offers you great comfort while playing.

The barrel diameter is also slightly smaller than most of the ones on this list, coming at 2.25 inches, and gives it a significant sweet spot. This will allow the player to take an efficient hit at the ball, even without the risk of losing their swing energy.

  • Great for young players and kids
  • It has very good balancing
  • Has certification for use in league games
  • Great performance for the price range
  • Some players might consider it as too light
  • You will need to purchase some batting gloves to avoid injuries to the hands


If you are looking for a bat for a younger player that comes at a budget-friendly price, this is a good option for you. It will also give a good performance and is durable to last for years – even though it might not give a strong hitting performance as the premium bat types.

Easton USA Ghost X Youth bat

Easton is one of the most famous manufacturers when it comes to baseball bats, and they have also been in the industry for many years. They have a strong reputation of producing the best equipment that suits the needs of many players, and the Ghost X Youth bat follows this tradition.


  • Length to weight ratio of -10
  • Barrel diameter measures 2 5/8 inches
  • Balance in the speed design, as this incorporates the DYNAMIC FEEL SYSTEM from the manufacturer
  • Uses a two-piece exact carbon design
  • Handle is 29/32 inches, ultra-thin
  • Hyperskin handle for improved feel

The drop weight here is -10, and the barrel size is 2 5/8, which is the reason the bat feels light. If you are teaching a young player to hit balls accurately and pitch for long distances, this bat is good for that purpose.

The main material is a two-piece design comprised of Carbon, and this ensures the young player stays comfortable while handling the bat during play. The material is also the reason for the lightweight nature of the bat, as well as improving its speed.

The handle itself is 29/32 inches, and the grip is Hyperskin of 2.0 mm. this will help to improve the comfort when gripping the bat and ensure it does not slide while in use.

  • Has good control of vibration and weight distribution
  • Good balance
  • Comfortable to handle once broken in
  • Relatively expensive compared to other bats
  • Does not have as much power during swings and ball contact


For a mid-tier baseball bat, this is a good choice – as long as you can get past the price. It is also best to purchase it for older youth players who have developed hand strength, as it can be uncomfortable for younger kids.

Guide to buying a baseball bat for a 10-year old

When buying a baseball bat for a young player, it is important to emphasize on their safety and the functionality of the bat. If it is too heavy for them, they will not enjoy the game because they will experience difficulties trying to control the bat, and they will not keep it level either. With that in mind, the criteria to use when searching for their bats include:

Length of the bat

When looking at the average body of a ten-year old, you will notice that they are about 4 feet 6 inches tall (54 inches tall), and they weigh about 68 to 80 pounds. Therefore, the best way to size up their abilities for a baseball bat is through the following procedure:

  • Have them wear their baseball cleats and stand in front of you
  • Stand a baseball bat next to them, and compare the height of the bat to their height
  • An ideal bat length should not be higher than their hip height – or else, it will be too long for them to swing.

If you are unsure of the best length, there is a good chart guide from the Little League organization, and they will denote the weight of the player and the corresponding bat size they should use. For instance, if the child weighs less than 60 pounds, the best bat length for them will be between 26 and 29 inches, while a child weighing more than 70 pounds should use a bat with a length of between 28 to 32 inches.

The swing style of the child

It is also important to keep in mind the swinging style of your child, and this will help in choosing a bat that has a good balance between its weight and length. This will ultimately affect the physical properties of the swing.

If the child is using a bat that is too light for their swing, they will swing it very quickly, but their hits will not have much inertia that supports stability after their hits. The inertia is important, because it is the resistance of physical objects (in this case, the bat) to changes in speed (in this case, the swing of the bat). Therefore, if the bat is too light, they will swing the bat very fast, but it will not have as much pull-back effect in the swing.

If, on the other hand, the bat is heavy and short, the resistance against the swinging power will be very high, which will make them swing the bat slower. This might also interfere with their enjoyment of the game in the long term, because their accuracy will be lower.

At the end of the day, the choice between a heavier or lighter bat is a choice they will make based on their preferences over time. If they are strong enough to handle heavier bats, you can settle on short types that are less than 30 inches in length.


There are two main types of materials that are common in baseball bats: metal and wood. For many youth players, including 10-year olds, will prefer to use the metallic ones because they are resistant to breaking, lighter to swing and easier to handle. In the same vein, some of them will train using wood bats, instead of using metal ones.

However, wood tends to be very heavy for a young player, especially if they are under 13 years old (which is when they can start using adult-sized bats). In particular, wood can prove to be fragile, with lighter wood bats breaking easily when they are practicing.

This has eventually resulted in what is known as the ‘composite bat’ – combining the efficiency of wood bats with the durability of a metal bat. These have also increased significantly in their popularity because of their good performance, and are becoming a common feature in baseball leagues.

Barrel diameter

The hitting area is the barrel, and its diameter will determine the accuracy of hitting – larger diameters give more contact area and the opposite is also the case. However, the larger barrel diameters also make the bat heavier, which means that they might not be as good for a young child.

Smaller barrels will help a young player to increase their hitting power and swing speed, then you can change their bats to larger barrel ones once they master their hitting power and have gained more muscle.


The thicker the handle, the more the bat can absorb the shock when the child misses the ball. It will also go a long way to ensuring greater stability, and helps increase the bat durability. Conversely, thinner handles help the child to move their hands faster, so the choice will be up to them.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best baseball bat for a 10-year old player might seem tricky, but you can follow the guidelines specified and get something that will work best for them as they learn the game.

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